ROD 021815


Wednesday, 18Feb15


Let’s Go Heavy

This is a 20 second work/ 10 second recovery for 8 rounds at each movement with a 1 minute rest

  • KB Racked Squat (switch@ rounds) / KB H2H Swing

Rest 1 minute

  • KB Cleans (r) / KB Cleans (l)

Rest 1 minute

  • KB Push Jerk (r) / KB Push Jerk (l)


ROD 021715


Tuesday, 17Feb15



This is a 40 second work /15 second recovery with a 1 minute rest in between the 5 rounds.

  • DB Thrusters
  • Ladder Drills (instructors choice)
  • KB Swings
  • Airdyne Sprints
  • Sled Drags


ROD 021615


Monday, 16Feb15


Barbell Complex

Utilizing a Barbell, try to complete the following without putting the bar down.

Everyone will set-up their station & start with a 6 minute run around the gym. After the run – For Time:

  • 30 Back Squats
  • 30 Rear Lunges (15 r/15 l)
  • 30 Military Press
  • 30 Romanian Deadlifts
  • 30 High Pulls
  • 30 Hang Cleans
  • 30 Bent Over Rows
  • 30 Thrusters
  • 50 Get-up Sit-ups

Women 30 lb bar / Men 65 lb barbell. As a penalty, if you place the bar down you have to perform 5 burpees at the time you place the bar down.


ROD 021415


Saturday, 14Feb15


images  IGOUGO Partner Routine Ladder

Since it’s Valentines Day, a Partner ROD is called for:

This is a Double KB Swing – Clean – Press – Squat complex. Partner up with someone that is closely at your fitness level, which is fun while challenging each other in competition mode or if not then each of you can choose separate KB weights that each of you can lift progressively.

KB Partner Ladder – 1-? reps try to reach as many reps as time permits without changing the weight of your kettlebells.  You will have 25 minutes to go as far as possible with your partner. You cannot go until your partner completes his/her round.

  • Swing – Clean – Press – Squat Complex

Example: 1 swing into 1 clean into 1 press to a squat then your partner goes… Then round 2- 2 swings to 2 cleans to 2 presses to 2 squats


ROD 021115


Wednesday, 11Feb15


High Fructose Workout

This is a 35 second work / 15 second recovery for 5 rounds with a 1 minute rest in between.

  • Racked DB Squats
  • Bent Over Lateral Raises
  • Banded DB RDL’s
  • Reverse Ball Slams
  • DB Hang Cleans
  • KB Russian Twist


ROD 020315


Tuesday, 03Feb15


KB Complex

This is a complex of Kettlebell exercises that you are already familiar with. Long Cycle means there is a swing during the transition. These exercises are just a compilation of hand to hand swings, clean & press, figure 8 to a hold, rear lunges squats & burpees. During the pause you can place the KB down but just be ready to start the next complex. This complex incorporates muscle endurance.  1 kettlebell is all you need. Chose your kettlebell wisely & challenging. Finish reps all on one side before moving to the other side except for the figure 8 to hold to rear lunge.

Every one does this together on Instructors cadence 

  • 10 Right Hand KB Swing (switch while swinging)
  • 10 Left Hand KB Swing

Pause 10 seconds

  • 10 Long Cycle KB Right Clean & Push Press (switch while swinging)
  • 10 Long Cycle KB Left Clean & Push Press

Pause 10 seconds

  • 10 Figure 8 to a Hold
  • 10 Right Side Hand on KB Push-up
  • 10 Right Hand KB Swing

Pause 10 seconds

  • 10 Figure 8 to a Hold
  • 10 Left Side Hand on KB Push-up
  • 10 Left Hand KB Swing

Pause 10 seconds then… 10 reps alternating the following.

  • Right Side KB Figure 8 to Hold to Right Rear Lunge (switch while swinging)
  • Left Side KB Figure 8 to Hold to Left Rear Lunge

Pause 10 seconds

  • 10 Long Cycle Clean Right to Squat
  • 10 Long Cycle Clean Left to Squat

Pause 10 seconds

  • 10 Planked Row (Right Hand on KB)
  • 10 Planked Row (Left Hand on KB)…. Rest 1 minute, repeat from the top.



ROD 012615


Monday, 26Jan15



This is a 35 second work / 20 second recovery for 5 rounds Non-Stop circuit.

  • Banded KB Swings
  • KB Goblet Squat
  • DBL KB Push Press
  • Suicide Push-ups
  • Reclines
  • Dyna-M Wall Chest Pass to Squat Thrust

Suicide push-ups are the reverse of the suicide reclines. Just set up the push-up band at a lower degree on the rig.


ROD 012215


Thursday, 22Jan15


 Tabata Thursday

This is a 20 work / 20 recovery for 6 rounds with 1:30 minute rest after 3 rounds.

  • Transformer DB Squats
  • SB Rotational Lunges
  • Deadlifts
  • Suicide Reclines
  • AirDyne Sprints
  • Sled Push-offs (North, Dyna Ball chest pass)

*Transformer db squats are performed by doing a front db raise while in transitioning to the squat then pulling the db’s toward the chest and out and then standing with arms at side.
**Sled push-offs are performed by pushing the sled away from you and repeating till the time expires.
***Suicide Reclines are performed with the wide super bands that are spread across the rig tightly and then grabbed and done strictly without any momentum created by the band.


ROD 012115


Wednesday, 21Jan15


Two Minute Torture
On the 2 minute mark for 20 minutes, do…
  •    5 Burpees
  • 10 Kettlebell snatches 5/r-5/l or 10  snatch pulls (w-16kg / m-20kg)
  • 15 Mountain climbers ( two legs = 1 rep)
  • 20 Kettlebell swings  (heavy=women 20+ / men 24+)


15 second work / 5 second recovery (lying on the ground) for 16 cycles of:

  • High Knees
  • Squat Jumps


ROD 012015


Tuesday, 20Jan15


Let’s Do It

Complete as many rounds as possible in 22 minutes of:

  • 20 KB Swings
  • 15 DB Thrusters
  • 10 Frog Push-ups
  •   5 Split Jumps (r+l=1)