ROD 072414


Thursday, 24Jul14



Four rounds for time of: 

  5 KB Renegade rows (r/l=1)
10 Dbl KB Front Squats 
15 Pushups
20 Hand to Hand KB swings
25 Sit-ups




ROD 082214


Tuesday, August 22, 2014


EMOM for 10 minutes

Sprint Suicides – 85% or > of your max speed for 1 minute / Rest 1 minute – Cones will be set-up to denote distances to be run. Wait for instructor to call TIME.

  • NLPS – end of Parking Lot & back
  • NLPN – corner of Oakland to corner of Bement


Farmers Walk Suicides  –  Cones will be set-up 30 feet apart. You will walk to the first cone and back to the start, then go out to the second cone and return and repeat for 3 rounds. You may use either KB or DB but they must be heavy. Then the clock will start for…

AMRAP in 14 Min…

  •   3 BB Sumo Deadlift High Pull
  •   6 NLP Push-ups (remove hands of the floor at the bottom)
  •   9 Box Jumps (jump up and step down)
  • 12 KB Swings




ROD 07192014

Saturday, July 19, 2014



Med-ball OH Lunge Walks – NLPS 115 Industrial LoopNLPN second speed bump



3rds of 21-19-15-12-9 for time:

  • Thrusters 30/20
  • KB Swings 24/16
  • DB Renegade Rows w/Push 30/20
  • Mtn climbers r/l =1

* weight can ONLY be INCREASED




ROD 071814


Friday, 18Jul14


The Hatey Eights

All eight for 25 minutes: Try to use one KB. Go slow and deliberate on the form. Tempo should be 3-1-1.

  • 10 KB Deadlift
  • 10 KB Racked Squat (5+5 r/l)
  • 10 KB Swing
  • 10 KB Single Arm Floor Presses (5+5 r/l)
  • 10 KB Bent Over Rows (5+5 r/l)
  • 10 KB Single Arm Overhead Press (5+5 r/l)
  • 10 KB High Pull
  • 10 KB Crunches (arms extended with kb in hand)




ROD 071614


Wednesday, 16Jul14


Kitchen Sink

Time for this workout is 20-20-20 / 20 second at each couplets 20 seconds recovery, four rounds with 1 minute between rounds. Complete each couplet for 4 minutes (4 rds) before moving on.

  • Single Arm KB Swings R/L
  • Frog Push-ups/KB Hang Dynamic Squats (heavy)
  • Row R/L
  • Single Arm DB Push Press R/L (heavy)
  • Reclines/Slam Ball
  • Wall Ball/ Burpee

***Again we ask that you bring a towel with you. Please wipe down any piece of equipment after each use. Be considerate of others. 






ROD 07152014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Pre-Workout – Prowler Push Relay

Two Teams -if one team is uneven pick one teamate to go twice (that person goes frst and last)

  • 100 M Sled Push (end of parking lot & back) (4X45lbs/2X45lbs)
    • (NLPN) Sprint to the 1st speed bump with D-ball (25/14lbs)
  • 12 Burpees
  • 15 Thrusters (30/20)

* To be FAIR there is NO modification of weight ALLOWED.

**The next member of the team may not begin until the person in front has completed all 15 thrusters. Team members may help change the weight on the sled if needed.

*** All team members must accumulate 30 Med ball sit ups during the course of the relay. Rlay ends when all members have finished the relay and the med ball sit ups. Med ball sit ups may be done at any time

**** Second place team does 12 burpees at the same time


WORKOUT- Two Rounds for Time…

  • 50 OH Walking Lunge w Plate (45/25)
  • 40 Wall Balls (20/10)
  • 30 Med ball V-ups
  • 20 Goblet Squats (32kg/20kg)
  • 10 Clapping push-ups

POST TIME to the whiteboard!

ROD 071214

Saturday, 12July14



start:  21 DB Thrusters, 21 Pull-ups /TRX Face-pulls
at 5 min mark : 21 BB Deadlifts, 21 Burpees over-bar
at 10 min mark : Run  (NLPS- 202 & NLPN Stop-Sign)
at 15 min mark: 15 DB Thrusters, 15 Pull-ups/Face-pulls
at 20 min: 15 Deadlifts, 15 Burpees over-bar
at 25 min: Run (NLPS- 202 & NLPN Stop-Sign)

*if you don’t finish before time is up for next movement, move on to next movement – If you finish rest cause you deserve it!

ROD 071014

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Metcon – 7 Rounds For MAX Reps:

  • 30 seconds - Star jumps
  • 30 seconds- Ground to Overhead

* Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds

Star Jumps: Start with feet hip witdth apart and hands below knees (squat position) then jump extending your arms and legs to the sides forming a star.

star_jump star_jump_up












1 loop around Industrial Loop (NLPS) or Block (NLPN) for time.

ROD 070714

Tuesday, 07July14


Tuesday RoundUP


40/20 5 Rounds, 1 minute rest after each round

  • DB Hang Squat clean  (35/20)
  • V-ups
  • Box jumps
  • Wall Balls (20/10)


ROD 070514


Saturday, 05Jul14


Heavy Equipment

This is a 40 second work / 20 second recovery with a 1 minute rest in between.

  • Dbl KB Clean-Squat & Press
  • DB Renegade Rapid Row (for every pull perform a push-up)
  • Battling Ropes
  • Partner In & Out Tire Flips
  • Rotational Sandbag Lunges
  • 15 Yard Sled Pushes

In the tire flip, 1 member flips the tire and jumps in and out then the other flips and jumps in and out and so on…2 people start-after the round ends, 1 partner moves to the rotational sandbag and the other stays another round at the tire and so on.