ROD 121714


Wednesday, 17Dec14


Reminder that the 9 am class starts today, not 9:30. 


Killing It

This is a 35 second work 20 second recovery for 5 rounds NON-STOP done circuit style.

  • Alternating Single Leg Box Jumps
  • KB Dead Cleans
  • DB Hang Snatches
  • DB Rows (men will perform combo row to tricep kickbacks)
  • Dynamax Reverse Wall Ball Toss

Low boxes (18″) will be used for the single leg jumps. Dead cleans will start from the ground. Dynamax Reverse toss is performed with the wall behind you and the ball tossed from a squat position as high as you can with 12# or heavier.


ROD 121314


Saturday, 13Dec14



8 rounds for time:

  • 12 Thrusters
  • 13 Deadlifts
  • 14 Mtn. Climbers (l+r=1)


ROD 121214


Friday, 12Dec14



This is a 35 second work / 20 second recovery for 6 rounds with a 1 minute rest after every two rounds.

  • Incline DB Presses
  • Farmers Walk
  • Tire Smacks
  • Sled Push
  • Recline Face Pulls
  • Rotational Lateral Ball Slams

Go super heavy on the farmers walk & sled pushes. Lean deeper than usual for the face pulls. In other words really challenge your fitness ability.

ROD 112814


Friday, 28Nov14


The Post Turkey Trot

This is a 30 second work / 15 second recovery for 5 rounds at each couplet with a 1 minute rest in between.


  • DB Swing to Squat to Thruster
  • Burpees


  • 3 KB Swings to Walkout to Push-up
  • KB Skaters


  • TRX Dynamic Recline to Anterior Stretch
  • Dynamax Squat Thrusts

Finisher for 8 rounds of 15 seconds work 5 seconds rest flat on ground

  • Knee Tucks
  • Heisman’s Shuffle (left & Right)


ROD 112514


Tuesday, 25Nov14


Tabata Tuesday

20 seconds work/10 seconds recovery for 7 rounds staying at each couplet! Take 40 second rest between couplets.

  • DB Swings/ MB Chest to Overhead Squat Jumps
  • Horizontal Reclines/ Dynamax Jack Ball Slam
  • Sandbag Rotational Rear Lunges/ DB Lateral Lunges w/ Overhead Press

Finisher: 15 seconds work / 5 seconds recovery alternating for 12 rounds

  • Frog Push-ups
  • Sit-outs

Dynamax Jack Slams = Using a 6-10 lb Dynamax ball overhead,  jump back and forth – touch ball to ground in a squat and back to overhead position – repeatedly  DO NOT LET GO OF THE BALL.



ROD 112314


Sunday, 23Nov14



Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes

  • 7 Kettlebell Swings
  • 5 DB Thrusters
  • 3 Burpees

Rest 1:30 minutes, then… for another 10 minutes

  •   6 Frog Push ups
  • 12 Split Squats (l+r=2)
  • 18 Mountain climbers (left/right = 1 rep)


ROD 112214

Saturday, November 22, 2014



4 rounds, circuit style with  1 minute rest between rounds

Rd #1 30 raisers

Rd#2 25 raisers

Rd # 3 20 raisers

Rd#4 15 raisers


Raiser Shuttle run – each group will take a turn at transporting a stack of raisers from one end of the gym and back as fast as possible (the “Timer”).


  • Wall Ball
  • Box Jumps
  • TRX Atomic Push-ups
  • KB Swings
  • KB High Pulls

While one group acts as the Timer the others will be performing the movements as a circuit for as long as it takes the group acting as the timer to transport the raisers.


ROD 112114


Friday, 21Nov14



This is a 35 second work / 15 second recovery for 4 rounds with a 1 minute rest in between.

  • DB Single Arm Overhead Squat (switch@rounds)
  • Double DB High Swings
  • DB Rear Lunge with Arm Curl to Opposite Shoulder (switch@rounds)
  • DB Sit-outs
  • Double DB Bent Over Rows
  • Double DB Press to Triceps Overhead Extension

Ab Finisher = 3 rounds @ 30 seconds per movement with a 30 second rest between rounds.

  • Alternating Side to Side Hanging Knee Lifts
  • Reverse Crunch w/ Knee Hike
  • Plank


ROD 111914


Wednesday, 19Nov14


Heavy Hitter

This a 30 second work / 20 second recovery for 6 rounds Non-Stop activity.

  • DB Squats w/ Alternating Upper Cuts
  • DB Rear Lunge with Contralateral Single Arm Overhead Rotation
  • DB Renegade Rows w/ Push-up (r/l then push-up)
  • DB Hang Squat Cleans
  • DB Curl to Press

ROD 111414


Friday, 14Nov14


 Friday Returns

35 seconds of work and 15 seconds of recovery for 4 rounds with a minute rest in between.

  • KB Front Squats
  • Sandbag Rear Rotational Lunges
  • Single Arm DB Floor Presses
  • DB Single Arm Row
  • Tire Swings
  • Landmine Torso Rotations