ROD 111914


Wednesday, 19Nov14


Heavy Hitter

This a 30 second work / 20 second recovery for 6 rounds Non-Stop activity.

  • DB Squats w/ Alternating Upper Cuts
  • DB Rear Lunge with Contralateral Single Arm Overhead Rotation
  • DB Renegade Rows w/ Push-up (r/l then push-up)
  • DB Hang Squat Cleans
  • DB Curl to Press

ROD 111514

Saturday, November 15, 2014



11-1  reps – 30 minute Cap – complete one exercise before moving on

Back Squats (135/85or >)

Push Press (105/65 or >) DB or BB



Endrance 100

*1 Round AFAP


40 Box Jumps

Sprint 115/1st SB

30 Slam Balls (20/15)

Sprint 115/1st SB

20 Slam Ball Sumo  Jump Squats* (20/15)

Sprint 115/1st SB

10 Burpees



2 minutes max sit-ups, post reps.





ROD 111314


Thursday, 13Nov14


Groovy Baby

15 seconds work/15 seconds rest for 8 rounds at each couplet. Alternate between each exercise of each couplet. 1 minute rest between couplets

Couplet 1

  • DB Renegade Rows (med)
  • DB Alternating Anterior Reaches & Alternating Lateral Lunges (very light)

Couplet 2

  • Plank Climbers
  • Sit-outs

Couplet 3

  • DB Snatches (heavy-switch @rounds)
  • DB Hang Squat Clean Thrusters (heavy)


ROD 100614


Monday, 06Oct14



25/25/25 work/work/recovery for 2 rounds at each couplet with a 1 minute rest in between each set. Repeat …

  • Goblet Squats/KB Deadlift (single)
  • Frog Push-ups/Sit-outs

1 minute rest

  • DB High Pull/ DB Snatch (switch)
  • Squat Thrust/ Single Leg Donkey Kicks (switch)

1 minute rest

  • Ball Slams/ Mtn. Climber Sprints
  • Kettlebell Swings/ Plank Jacks


ROD 092214


Monday, 22Sept14


KB Heaven

**Ab Routine Coaches Choice

This is a 40 second work / 20 second recovery for 4 rounds – 1 minute rest in between.

  • KB Front Squats
  • KB Jumping Suitcase Dead-lifts
  • KB Swings (to the outside)
  • KB Renegade Rows
  • KB Cleans & Presses
  • KB Static Curl Walk  (arm bend at 90 degrees – walk around)

ROD 091514


Monday, 15Sept14


Monday Blues Cure

30 seconds work / 20 seconds recovery for 4 rounds non-stop of:

  • DB Goblet Squats (heavy)
  • DB Single Leg Deadlift
  • DB Single Arm Clean & Push Press (heavier than normal)
  • Reclines / TRX Finisher Combo

Rest 1:30…Stay on each exercise for the 6 rounds

25 seconds work / 10 seconds recovery for 6 rounds with a 45 second rest in between of:

  • Fast Feet (changing direction at coaches request)
  • Burpee/ Sit-outs
  • Alternating Anterior Reaches w/ Jump


ROD 080814


Friday, 08Aug14


Strength Camp

This is a 30 second work / 15 second recovery for 5 rounds w/ 1 minute rest between rounds.

  • KB Clean – Squat – Press
  • Battling Ropes
  • Atlas Stone Shoulder Lifts
  • Reclines
  • Sled Sprints
  • Farmers Walks (parking lot)


ROD 080214


Saturday, 02Aug14


No Shenanigans 

With a running Clock, set for a 25 minute limit, perform 75 Hang Squat Clean Thrusters for Time but… There’s a catch.
Every minute on the minute, stop, and do a Two Jack Burpee  for 3 reps. Your choice of  Barbell or Dumbbells.  Just make sure the weight is Challenging.
Dumping the Barbell from the overhead position cautiously is permissible. 



ROD 071414


Monday, 14Jul14


Strength Plus+

This is a continuous flow through these stations with 10 seconds transition time. Be prepared to move quickly and safely.

  • Dbl KB Front Squats 1 min/10 sec
  • KB RDL’s 1 min/10 sec
  • Alt. Crab Reaches 1 minute/10 sec
  • DB Bench Presses 1 min/10 sec
  • Reclines 1 min/10 sec
  • Seated DB Overhead Presses 1 min

Rest 1 minute… Repeat for 3 rounds.

***With all due respect for others, PLEASE bring a towel when working in the heat. Wipe your bench down when finished. No one wants to share your sweat. 



ROD 070514


Saturday, 05Jul14


Heavy Equipment

This is a 40 second work / 20 second recovery with a 1 minute rest in between.

  • Dbl KB Clean-Squat & Press
  • DB Renegade Rapid Row (for every pull perform a push-up)
  • Battling Ropes
  • Partner In & Out Tire Flips
  • Rotational Sandbag Lunges
  • 15 Yard Sled Pushes

In the tire flip, 1 member flips the tire and jumps in and out then the other flips and jumps in and out and so on…2 people start-after the round ends, 1 partner moves to the rotational sandbag and the other stays another round at the tire and so on.



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