ROD 091514


Monday, 15Sept14


Monday Blues Cure

30 seconds work / 20 seconds recovery for 4 rounds non-stop of:

  • DB Goblet Squats (heavy)
  • DB Single Leg Deadlift
  • DB Single Arm Clean & Push Press (heavier than normal)
  • Reclines / TRX Finisher Combo

Rest 1:30…Stay on each exercise for the 6 rounds

25 seconds work / 10 seconds recovery for 6 rounds with a 45 second rest in between of:

  • Fast Feet (changing direction at coaches request)
  • Burpee/ Sit-outs
  • Alternating Anterior Reaches w/ Jump


ROD 080814


Friday, 08Aug14


Strength Camp

This is a 30 second work / 15 second recovery for 5 rounds w/ 1 minute rest between rounds.

  • KB Clean – Squat – Press
  • Battling Ropes
  • Atlas Stone Shoulder Lifts
  • Reclines
  • Sled Sprints
  • Farmers Walks (parking lot)


ROD 080214


Saturday, 02Aug14


No Shenanigans 

With a running Clock, set for a 25 minute limit, perform 75 Hang Squat Clean Thrusters for Time but… There’s a catch.
Every minute on the minute, stop, and do a Two Jack Burpee  for 3 reps. Your choice of  Barbell or Dumbbells.  Just make sure the weight is Challenging.
Dumping the Barbell from the overhead position cautiously is permissible. 



ROD 071414


Monday, 14Jul14


Strength Plus+

This is a continuous flow through these stations with 10 seconds transition time. Be prepared to move quickly and safely.

  • Dbl KB Front Squats 1 min/10 sec
  • KB RDL’s 1 min/10 sec
  • Alt. Crab Reaches 1 minute/10 sec
  • DB Bench Presses 1 min/10 sec
  • Reclines 1 min/10 sec
  • Seated DB Overhead Presses 1 min

Rest 1 minute… Repeat for 3 rounds.

***With all due respect for others, PLEASE bring a towel when working in the heat. Wipe your bench down when finished. No one wants to share your sweat. 



ROD 070514


Saturday, 05Jul14


Heavy Equipment

This is a 40 second work / 20 second recovery with a 1 minute rest in between.

  • Dbl KB Clean-Squat & Press
  • DB Renegade Rapid Row (for every pull perform a push-up)
  • Battling Ropes
  • Partner In & Out Tire Flips
  • Rotational Sandbag Lunges
  • 15 Yard Sled Pushes

In the tire flip, 1 member flips the tire and jumps in and out then the other flips and jumps in and out and so on…2 people start-after the round ends, 1 partner moves to the rotational sandbag and the other stays another round at the tire and so on.



ROD 040814

Tuesday, 08Apr14

Balanced Strength

40 work / 20 rest timed routine for 4 rounds, rest 1 minute between rounds.

  • 1 arm KB bench press (alt. sides each rd)
  • 1 arm DB thrusters (alt. sides each rd)
  • Ball slams
  • Pull-ups
  • 1 arm KB Deadlift (alt. sides each rd)
  • 1 arm Farmers walk (alt. sides each round)

* GO HEAVY! on all single arm exercises.

ROD 031814


Tuesday, 18March14


Moving the Mountain

This is a 30 second work / 30 second recovery for 4 rounds NON-STOP.

  • Jumping Pull-ups
  • Staggered Stance Landmine Presses (switching arms at each round)
  • Mountain Climbers
  • DB or BB Chest Press
  • Back Squats
  • Plate Loaded Overhead Alternating Lunges


ROD 021414


Friday, 14Feb14


KB Haven

This is a 45 second work / 15 second recovery for 4 rounds with a 1 minute rest in between.

  • Squat Halos
  • Sit-outs
  • H2H Swings
  • Alternating Single Arm Squat Thrusts
  • Clean & Press Long Cycle
  • Dead Snatches

Squat Halos are a combination of a goblet squat then rotate the KB around the head in both directions and stand… repeat.

Dead snatches are performed starting on the floor with KB between the feet at the heel, squat over then explode KB overhead.



ROD 021014


Monday, 10Feb14


Kick Start

This is a 60 second work / 20 second recovery for 4 rounds non-stop. 26 minute workout.

  • H2H swings
  • KB Push Press  (switch at 30 seconds)
  • Racked Reverse Lunges (kb right /lunge right leg, switch at 30 seconds)
  • KB Rows (switch at 30 seconds)
  • Plank Shoulder Taps (keep hips tight and immobile)

Use a heavier than normal kettlebell and stick with it on all exercises. You will not get stronger always playing it safe with light weights. “Stronger than Yesterday”



ROD 111113


Monday, 11Nov13


To all of those who fought for our freedom… We thank you


War Bell

This is a 45 second work / 15 second recovery for 4 rounds with a 1 minute rest between rounds

  • Alternating Halos
  • KB Row (l)
  • KB Row (r)
  • KB Swing w/ Walkout & Push-up
  • KB Goblet Squats w Overhead Press
  • KB Alternating Cleans & Rear Lunges

During the Halos make sure to keep the shoulder blades are down and the KB circles close to the head in a controlled motion.  On the walkouts make sure after the swing, place the KB out in the starting position of the swing and walkout quickly, perform the push-up, and walk back to swing again. Just because there is an overhead press in the goblet squat, don’t be squeamish with the weight of the KB and do not rest the KB against the body. Cleans are performed from the floor alternating to each side followed by the same leg rear lunges. All of these transitions from one movement to the next are to be done quickly but efficiently.


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