ROD 080414


Monday, 04Aug14


Let’s Welcome Comrade Juan & Maria Back in The States

From Russia with Love

This is a 40 second work/ 20 second recovery done in a circuit with a 1 minute rest in between the 4 rounds

  • Double KB Clean – Squat – Push-up
  • Alternating KB Stationary Lunge w/ Overhead Press
  • Box Ball Slams
  • Reclines
  • Sit-outs
  • Dynamax Wall Knee-Knee-Double Knee Toss

Box ball slams are performed on a box with the deadest med-ball (green 3K) you can find and slammed continuously & explosively against the ground. Alternating lunges w/press = as you rack 2 KB’s you lunge with the right leg the left arm presses the KB and vice versa.


ROD 071614


Wednesday, 16Jul14


Kitchen Sink

Time for this workout is 20-20-20 / 20 second at each couplets 20 seconds recovery, four rounds with 1 minute between rounds. Complete each couplet for 4 minutes (4 rds) before moving on.

  • Single Arm KB Swings R/L
  • Frog Push-ups/KB Hang Dynamic Squats (heavy)
  • Row R/L
  • Single Arm DB Push Press R/L (heavy)
  • Reclines/Slam Ball
  • Wall Ball/ Burpee

***Again we ask that you bring a towel with you. Please wipe down any piece of equipment after each use. Be considerate of others. 






ROD 040914


Wednesday, 09Apr14


Tactical Tabata

This is a 20 second work / 10 second recovery with a 30 second rest/transition for 8 rounds at each movement.

  • KB Side 2 Side Swings
  • Med Ball Squat Thrusts
  • KB Floor Presses w/Hip Extension
  • Equalizer Reclines
  • Barbell Push Presses
  • Med Ball Plyo Jumps

MB Plyo jumps are done from a squat position push the ball out as you jump forward landing in the same squat position that you started with.  Reclines on 1 Equalizer. KB presses with hips off the floor, glutes tight. 


ROD 032114


Friday, 21Mar14


Crazy Eights (posted on 062210)

8 reps of each, 8 rounds, for time… or 25 mins

  • SDHP (KB)
  • Push-ups
  • Squats
  • Sit-ups
  • Burpees
  • Push press (DB or BB)
  • Box Jumps
  • KB swings


Losers make promises they often break. Winners make commitments they always keep ~ Denis Waitley


ROD 021314

Thursday, 13Feb14


Tabata Xtreme


Tabata Style 40 second work /20 second rest, 4rds. Take 1 min rest between each round:

  • DynaMax sit-up w/ OH toss & catch
  • BarBell Thrusters 
  • DB Renagade Rows w/ push-up
  • Sledgehammer tire slams (alt r&l)
  • DB walking lunges (length of turf and back)

ROD 010213


Wednesday, 02Jan13


MB Bonanza

This is a 30 second work  /15 second recovery for 4 rounds with a 1 minute in between.

  • MB Slams
  • MB (kneeling) Sprawl and Wall Pass
  • MB Dynamax Thrusters
  • MB Tornado Twists
  • MB Alternating Single Arm Push-ups
  • MB Lunge w/ Twist
On the kneeling sprawl and pass, while on knees a two handed chest pass to the wall while simultaneously sprawling into a push-up position returning to a kneel when ball bounces back. MB alternating push-ups will be performed with an arm on the med ball while performing push-ups, in the next round rotate to the other arm. MB slams should be performed rapidly while moving in a circle going a full 360 using a 10 lb ball. On the Lunge, the twist should be to the lunging leg side.




ROD 111612


Friday, 16Nov12


Charleston Conditioning Circuit

Four rounds of intervals that look like this:

  • round 1: 45/25
  • round 2: 30/20
  • round 3: 30/15
  • round 4: 20/10

Movements are:

  1. Reclines
  2. Barbell Push Press on Racks (make sure rack pegs are facing outside of rack)
  3. Med Ball Thruster
  4. Slam ball
  5. Walkouts
  6. Kettlebell swings
  7. Mountain climbers

One minute recovery between rounds



ROD 020412


Saturday, 04Feb12


Pre-Super Bowl Get Down

This is going to help you burn those chicken wings, pizza, 6 footers and whatever other junk you can cram into your cranial cavity. Make smart choices like vegetable platters or tofu chips (yea right).

This is a 60 second work /20 second recovery timed sets for 3 rounds with 1 minute rest between

  • TRX reverse flyes
  • Landmine Reverse Lunges
  • KB Snatch pulls
  • Band Sprints & Block
  • MB Bounding w/ Mtn Climbers (5l/5r)
  • 180 Slam Ball


Athletes ROD


4 rounds of: 20 sec of work 10 recovery… stay on each one for 4 rounds then move on

  • Recline overhead pulls
  • Goblet squats 
  • DB push press
  • Resisted Kettlebell swings with thin bands
  • Plank jacks


20/10 x 10 rounds of this couplet (10 minute set) rest for 1 minute after 5 rounds then continue.

  • Slam ball
  • Burpees

ROD 012812


Saturday, 28Jan12


Cusick Crusher

I love the 15/15 work/rest ratio. So lets do it again for 20 mins or 10 rounds whichever makes you feel better…of

  • KB Swings
  • Mountain climbers
  • DB Thrusters
  • DB Renegade Rows
Oh boy, just thinking about this one makes me cringe. Lets have fun and work hard. Oh yea by the way, there’s no rest in between rounds.
“Every second counts, every rep counts.”
Athletes ROD

This ROD is most effective when done nonstop & together.

  • 80 Mountain Climbers each leg is a 1 count
  • 25 Jump Squats
  • 10 plank shoulder taps
  • 25 Sit-ups
  • 15 Burpees
  • 15 Ball Slams with green MB’s
  • High Knees for 1 minute
  • 30 Kettlebell highpulls…. Repeat sequence as needed

 Something to think about if your a runner.

ROD 110511


Saturday, 05Nov11


Sick Sixty

5 rounds of

  •   6 Burpees
  • 12 Deadlifts
  • 18 Box Jumps
  • 24 Med-ball Jacks

Then rest 3 minutes…

Run 400 meters for time


Overhead Squats – Let’s practice



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