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Do it Now – 11 Weight Loss Tips for 2011 – Be Ready for Spring

For the last few months of 2010 you put off eating right and getting that body back in shape. You thought, I’ll just get through this holiday binging, and start fresh in 2011. But we’re a week into 2011, and the time is NOW. To help you get started, I’d like to offer My 11 Weight Loss Tips for Twenty Eleven.

Weight Loss Top 11 for 2011

Plan Meals In Advance
Know what you’re going to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If necessary, pre-cook over the weekend, and just reheat. Don’t just wing it every meal, or you will ultimately make more bad decisions.

Keep a Food Diary

For a week or so, write down everything you eat. Learn to estimate portion size for accurate an assessment. Be sure to include all beverages. This process will give you a realistic view of what you need to work on most. Out of all the tips you hear this is probably the most effective in finding out what you really eat during the day. Even if it’s one biteful, jot it down. This will keep you on track.

Drink More Water
Water, beside being calorie free, is vital to just about every metabolic process that goes on in your body. The latest research suggest that as an added bonus, when you regularly hydrate the body it will rid itself of excess fluid it doesn’t need around the ankles, hips, thighs, and even belly. Be careful though, there is such a thing as over-hydrating.

Shop Lean
This very simple suggestion might be the most important item on the list. Learn to shop lean. Stop stocking the house with ice cream and cookies. Learn to read between the lines on food labels.

Get Busy
Move more, sit less. Get off your butt and do something, whether it be washing the car, mowing the lawn, joining a softball team, taking the kids to the park, just add physical activity to your day. Fit people work and play.

Breathe Deeply
Research suggests the deep breathing and meditation can actually help the body metabolize hormones differently, processing insulin more efficiently. Deep breathing encourages the burning of fat even in low-demand activities.  Whenever you are stressed, your body tends to burn glycogen, not fat. By triggering the relaxation response, deep breathing encourages your body to burn fat instead of sugar. 

Get Your Beauty Sleep
Sleeping seven or eight hours nightly is suggested for most people, but lack of proper sleep can hamper your efforts to fitness and weight loss. Adequate rest is vital to any healthy lifestyle. Studies suggest that people who sleep also less tend to hang on to and store more body fat.

Limit Alcohol Intake
Alcohol blocks the burning of carbohydrate, fat and protein as fuel, acting as a substitute when it’s converted in the body to acetate.   It also increases cortisol levels within the body, a natural inhibitor to testosterone (fat’s arch enemy). That’s not to mention alcohol’s calorie content or the fact that it acts like an appetite stimulant.  At about 7 calories per gram (double the caloric impact of carbohydrate), one small glass of wine, one light beer, or one shot of tequila weights in at about 110 calories.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy
“Those who are happy burn more calories than those who are depressed or angry. Happy people tend to take actions that burn more calories. As a result, they get trimmer.”  says Dr. Joe Vitale, author and hypnotherapist, who’s  lost 80 pounds himself.

Walk or Run
Simple walking is what the body is built to do. If you can jog or run, even better, but either way get out into the open air and move. It’s free and a great supplement to any indoor or formal exercise program.

High Intensity Interval Training
Since the opening of NLP, the staff  have worked with people from every walk of life and every level of fitness. The focus of our gym has been on strength & conditioning, or using the kettlebell & other tools to change and transform the body, to burn fat, to tone up, to build strength, endurance, flexibility, as well as fine tune neuro muscular coordination. 

The positive effect we’ve seen on our membership is consistent and repeatable. Our members workout regularly and get the results they train for, without any wasted time or effort. You go guys!!!

                                                          Good Luck !!!

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