ROD 022811


Monday, 28Feb11

The New schedule starts today!!!

Do Not enter the training floor until the previous class has ended. You can watch or wait in the car until the appropriate time. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Exercise of the Month: The “Clean”

Every month NLP will feature a new “movement” which will be used frequently during the months ROD. This movement will prepare the level I classes (7:30pm) to progress to the level II (8:30 class) class. 10-15 minutes will be set aside to teach the “movement” to use during the class.  Time will also be set aside during the advanced class to review the movement.

In order to bring you the best and more diverse workouts we can, all members must learn the proper form of all movements new and old, used in the ROD’s. Please be patient as it will take us just a little time to tweak this new format, which will benefit all of us to make Nxt Level Performance the best performance enhancement facitlity on Staten Island.  

This months exercise is the “Clean”. Whether done with a barbell, dumbbell, sandbag, medicine ball or kettlebell, it follows the same basic pattern. Check out the video with my friend Mike of Avon, NJ, explain in detail the kettlebell “clean”.

Triplet Threats

Perform each movement in each triplet for 20 seconds non-stop for level II three rounds, level I for two rounds.

Complete one triplet, level I will rest for 1:30, Level II will rest for 40 seconds and move on to the next triplet and do the same.

All levels will perform 2 sets.

Triplet #1

  • Kettlebell clean R
  • Kettlebell clean L
  • Mountain climbers

Triplet #2

  • Kettlebell high pulls
  • Dumbbell thrusters
  • Plank climbers

Triplet #3

  • Air squats
  • Squat thrust 
  • Push-ups


Athlete ROW 


  • Medball chops
  • MB Squat & push
  • MB Push-ups (both hands on ball)
  • MB Lunge series (foward-side-rear)
  • Isometric (10 sec) and Mobility (10 reps) hip bridge with opp hand on raised knee 
  • Prone Hip Lifts ( Single leg)   
  • Quadraped fire hydrants/foward circles (10 reps)
  • Lateral Low Step shuffles  w/bands 
  • Tight Rope (knee to heel lunge) 

The athletes ROD  (TBA)