ROD 030812

Thursday, 08March12




3 rounds of:

  •   7 Burpee pull-up
  • 14 BarBell SDLHP  ( w 55lb or >/ m75lb or >)

followed by 3 rounds of:

  • 50M DB/KB Farmers Walks (30lb or >/ m 40lb or >)
  • 20 KB Swings  (w 20kg / m 24kg)

* 5 Burpee penalty if you set the weights down during farmer’s walks!










Ready for Anything Training!!!!!

This Super Boxing X-Treme class is a 1 hour ass kicking circuit that will leave you in a puddle of sweat.

Your cardiorespiratory and muscle strength will benefit from our motivational, challenging and fun circuit training set to energetic music.

Let’s see what you’ve got!!!!


Four Reasons You’re Still Fat

You can hit the gyn religiously or even be a pro athlete making millions like C.C. Sabathia off your fitness and still have a belly.  It means something’s wrong in your training and diet.

Here are four of the biggest factors likely limiting your progress:

#1 You always do the same workout

  • If you’re not switching up your routine your body gets used to what your doing.  To avoid that trap you should should become a member of the NLP community.  Our workouts are always varied, including the intensity and duration.

#2 You’re To Comfortable at your GYM

  • If you can watch TV during your workout or talk to your friend your not working out hard enough, plain and simple. At NLP, you will only have time to talk before or after the workout.

#3 Poor Form

  • If you’re not in a coached enviorment like NLP your form is lacking and you aren’t using muscles to their maximium capacity.

#4 You’re Overfueling

  • You don’t need to drink sports drinks or water after every rep, set or round. you don’t have to eat a energy bar prior to every workout or have a post workout shake. Fueling your body should be done through out the day. Limit your post workout eats to the same number of calories you burn in an workout.  It is said that in an average workout you burn 300 calories.  Whoever said that doesn’t train at NLP.  😆


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