ROD 012514


Saturday, 25Jan14




Create your own full body workout by selecting 1 exercise from the following categories.

Then perform those exercises for the following work/rest intervals for 4 rounds with 1 minute rest between rounds.

Times to follow – 60/30, 40/20, 30/15 & 20/10


1. Full Body : Burpees – Slam Ball- Turkish Get-up- BB Snatch – Snatch Pull – Thrusters

2. Lower Body: Goblet Squats – Weighted Squat Jumps – Deadlifts – DB Step-overs – Dynamic Squats – TRX Alternating Single Leg Squat – Box Jumps

3. Upper Body: BB/DB Push Press- Pull-ups Variation – Renegade Rows-Push-ups Variations – Hang Clean Variations – High Pulls (sumo / reg stance)

4. Core: Plank Variations – Sit-outs – Band Rotations – Walk-outs – V-ups – Knees to Elbows – Hollow-outs – use the TRX on your feet or hands extended

5. Conditioning: Speed Jump Rope – High Knees – Sled – Rower (first come first serve)

***Most of these movements that you select can be done either with any one of the various pieces of equipment here in the gym. Pick one like, i.e. Dumbbells – Barbells – Sandbags and the good old Kettlebell. If your not sure ask one of our knowledgeable trainers that can advise you on exercise execution. Don’t be squeamish on your selection, Challenge – Challenge – Challenge, you’ll be better for it.