ROD 032414


Monday, 24Mar14


Twenty Minute Speed Demon

In this workout we are looking to increase your cardio output and you will need to breathe faster. You will find that even presses can become ab exercises, like this KB push press: an exhale on the push and press, and an exhale on the absorption and load. The inhalation is just a natural consequence of relaxing the tension of the exhale, so your lungs “suck” in (through back pressure) the exact amount of volume your lungs require. Everything becomes an ab exercise! So with that in mind you must perform the following movements at top speed followed by immediately going into a static plank. Find a weight that will challenge you through this technique. They can be of two different weights.  Always lift in a CONTROLLED manner, don’t let the weight control the movement.

On the rows, do not allow the weight to touch the ground. On the flip side the KB’s have to touch ground on each Clean.

On the Odd minute switch between performing…

  • KB Push Press 7/r & 7/l  & Racked Squats 7/r & 7/l

On the Even minute switch between performing…

  • KB Cleans 11/r & 11/l & KB Rows 11/r & 11/l