ROD 112414


Monday, 24Nov14


This week is Thanksgiving and we all know that our consumption of foods will be crazy to say the least. From apple pies to zucchini fritters, we will be consuming foods high in fat and beverages high in sugar at an alarming rate. So this weeks ROD’s will target the body’s metabolism. This means that we will be completing compound exercises with little rest in between exercises in an effort to maximize calorie burn and increase metabolic rate during and after the workout. You will thank us later.


Smack Down

This is a circuit style, 35 second work / 20 second recovery for 5 rounds non-stop: 

  • Side to Side KB Swings
  • KB Thrusters
  • DB Renegade Rows w/ Push-up
  • Box Jumps
  • Burpees

Finisher 15 seconds work / 5 seconds of flat on the floor rest for 12 rounds of alternating between these 2 exercises:

  • Mountain Climbers
  • Reverse Crunch w/Knee Kip