ROD 042915


Wednesday, 29Apr15


Drop Down Moves

This is a 25 second work / 10 second recovery for 5 rounds at each circuit with a 1:30 rest in between circuits

Circuit A… 5 rounds Non-Stop

  • Dbl KB Push Presses
  • Single KB Push Press (r)
  • Single KB Push Press (l)
  • Goblet Squats

Rest 1:30

Circuit B… 5 rounds Non-Stop

  • Dbl KB Rows
  • Single KB Row (r)
  • Single KB Row (l)
  • Figure 8 to a Hold

Maintain the same weight that you use for the double KB for the single KB movement. You are pre-exhausting the shoulders during the dbl movement and then continuing strengthening by isolating each side. This will increase strength gains. Shoot for 8-10 reps during the 25 second work. If you can get 12-14 reps it’s too light – if you get only 4-6 reps it’s too heavy. Choose the weight wisely.