ROD 071115


Saturday, 11Jul15


EMOM Ladder Time

7 rounds

  • MINUTE # 1:    5 BB/DB Thrusters (add 1 rep each round)
  • MINUTE # 2: 10 Burpees (add 1 rep each round)
  • MINUTE # 3: 20 KB Swings (add 1 rep each round)

Rest 2 minutes…

After Burner Finisher:

This is a 20 second 8 second recovery for 6 rounds at each of

  • Mtn. Climbers
  • Squat Jumps (w/green mini band under knees)
  • Skaters

***With the Thrusters, you will be ending up with 12. Start with a weight that will eventually be difficult to do 12 reps with. If you go light it won’t be right. Use the same formula with the swings.

*** Ensure that you keep tension on the mini bands throughout the jumps. Keep the knees apart, don’t allow to cave the knees inward.