ROD 071515


Wednesday, 15Jul15



This is a 30 second work/ 20 second recovery for 4 rounds with NO REST

Circuit 1

  • DB Single Arm Hang Squat Clean Thruster
  • Staggered Stance Single Side DB Rows
  • DB Single Arm Floor Press
  • DB Snatch (from floor)

Rest 1:30 minutes…Then

Circuit 2

  • Dynamax Reverse Crunch w/ Kip
  • Dynamax Double Arm Umpas
  • Dynamax Squat Thrusts w/jump
  • Dynamax (hug) Sit-ups

Dyna double arm umpas is performed while lying on the floor with ball at chest – reach to one side diagonally over head while bridging the hips. Repeat to other side.

Dyna Sit-ups are performed with arms around ball at chest level and sit – upright – repeat