TWO 103115


Saturday, 31Oct15


Work Space 

This is a 40 second heavy work / 20 second recovery for 4 rounds with a minute rest every round.

  • DB Straddle Box Squats
  • DB Walking Dead Lunges
  • Alternating DB Snatches
  • DB Half off the Bench Press
  • Heavy Single Arm DB Rows
  • DB Triceps Overhead Press

*** DB Half Off the Bench Press is performed with only the upper back in contact with the end of the bench with hips are bridged and knees 90 degrees to the ground… 1@@@@  only with a DB in each hand. TIP: Glutes must be tightly engaged to maintain position throughout.

*** DB straddle box squats will be performed on the steppers set side by side with deep heavy squats in between… 1@@@@ Maintain upright chest during movement.