HIIT 032316


Wednesday, 23Mar16



This is a high intensity speed workout to ramp up your metabolism. It must be performed with medium weights at lightning speed. This is a 30 second work / 20 second recovery for 5 rounds with a 60 second rest in between.

  • KB Swings
  • Push-through Push-ups
  • KB Front Squats
  • DB Push-Pull Piston Rows
  • Groiners
  • Hollow Outs

Push through Push-ups – Start position as if you were going to do sit-outs but hands are more forward of the head. Now push with legs forward and lower the body close to the ground, only to push back immediately to the start.

DB Push/Pull Piston Rows – Start with a single DB at ab height. Lower into a semi-squat position and with both hands and as fast as you can push/pull weight in and out angling down towards the floor.