Saturday, 28Aug16


The Whirlpool

Run around in a circle continuously while a leader yells out a category. If that category applies to you, you srep into the middle and perform the stated exercise (burpee, pushup, etc.), then return to the Whirlpool.  Example categories could be anything from simply “If you are married” to the more complex “If you are afraid of spiders, snakes, and/or ducks.” Have fun with this!


Workout : 24 minute cap ( Find a good Partner(s) )

  • Round 1: 10 reps per exercise
  • Round 2: 9 reps per exercise
  • Round 3: 8 reps per exercise
  • Round 4: 7 reps per Exercise
  • Round 5: 6 reps per exercise

movements:  Select from the choices

  1. Squat Variation (Goblet, Front or Back Squat)
  2. Horizontal Push (Bench or Floor Press, Push-up)
  3. Hip Hinge Variation (Deadlift, KB Swing, Tire Flip or Snatch)
  4. Vertical Press (Military Strict Press/Push-Press)
  5. Pull (Pull-up, Chin-up, Row)



3-Minute Cycles

Run to 200m +  Max Sit-ups

Continue until you’ve completed ALL the sit-ups