HIIT 103116

Monday, 31Oct16


Warm-up: 8 minutes  2rds

1:30 Jump Rope

30 seconds of :

  • Dynamic Squats
  • Power Jacks
  • Push-up to Toe Tap
  • Upwards/Downward Dog
  • Groiners w/T-Stab


Core: 3 minutes

  • 10 Plate Rainbows
  • 20 Russian Twists (r+l=2)


Pre-game: 7 Minute EMOM

Odd: 12 DB Arnold Presses

Even: 10 BB Jump Squats (65/75)



Take 3 sizes of Kettlebells i.e., 16-14-12K to complete the following descending reps from 10-8-6-4 with all kettlebells. You will break up the reps in half for each side, i.e., H2H swings 5 r/5l, next round 4r/4l… and so on. The clock will be set for 25 minutes so try to complete all sets going from the highest rep down the ladder. Remember do 5r/5l for the 16k, 5r/5l/ for the 14k, 5r/5l for the 12k and so on…When transitioning from one side to the other, ensure proper kettlebell technique.

  • H2H Swings
  • Racked Front Squats
  • Figure 8 To Hold
  • Cleans
  • Long Cycle High Pulls