LIFT 072817

Friday, 27July17

Warm-up: 12 minutes

Mobilize and Stretch

Partner Workout: 10 minutes

Move quickly, support and spot each other at all times

  • Farmers Carry <——>
  • Weighted Plank

Partner A -Farners Carry (Heavy)

Partner B – Weighted Plank

* if the Person performing the farmers carry puts the DB or KB down both Partner A & B perform 5 Burpees then continue.

Super-set: 3 rds

Chest, Shoulders and Arms (very little to no rest between movements)

  • DB Flyes  12-10 reps
  • DB Front Raise 10-8 reps
  • BB Curl – 10, 8, 6, 4,2 + max reps of Triceps pull downs


Run The Loop AFAP and put your name and time on the Scratch Pad.

The August gym challenge will be  Run your fastest mile. Thats The Loop + 200m ‘a and back to NLP.


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