LIFT 071820

Thursday, 18July20

Group Warm up: 2 rds

2 minute jump rope then 30 seconds of each:

  • jumping jacks
  • seal jacks
  • downward dog/upward dog
  • push thru push up
  • band pull apart
  • banded OH stretch


  • Bench press 10-1 (Add weight as necessary)
  • 10 push ups after each round as a superset

Workout : 4 Round Circuit (40/20 with 1 minute rest after each round)

  • DB Decline Floor Press (Raise hips off the ground putting yourself in decline position)
  • DB Fly
  • Banded Tricep Push Down
  • Around the worlds (Laying flat on floor take 2 light dumbbells palms up and start at hips raising the dumbbells laterally overhead staying close to the ground and back down to hips)
  • Dips
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