The Coaches

Nicole Reynolds

Fitness is a life long process that we should always strive to improve upon. My fitness journey began about 10 years ago when a friend challenged and encouraged me to run the NYC marathon. Since then I have run 2 more marathons, countless half marathons and road races, as well as many obstacle course races. What I learned from that first marathon is that high intensity strength training is the key to staying strong , fit, and injury free. It has improved my athletic performance, increased my strength, sparked fat loss, and everyday it improves my mood and overall well-being. This training style has allowed me to continue to challenge my fitness and push my limits.

My passion for fitness has led me to seek out certifications in various cutting edge training techniques including Underground Strength Training, Core Conditioning Specialist, and Metabolic Conditioning. Today it is my goal to help others on their fitness journey with a unique training program that gets results.

Juan Beccera - Certified Underground Strength Coach, Kettlebell Instructor & CPR/AED Certified

As Next Level Performance co-founder in 2007, My vision was to bring a whole new style of training to Staten Island that would be cutting edge, exciting and fun. I have been training now for over 12 years and have motivated many to change their health lifestyles. As a athlete, runner and dedicated trainer, I personally have lost over 80 lbs and have inspired others to do the same. " My passion is motivating people to change like I did and enter a new world of health, fitness, and wellness - and to stay there." My love of training has motivated me to seek cutting edge certifications such as a Underground Strength Coach, RKC Kettlebell, Training for Warriors and Art of Strength instructor. I have also completed certifications in battle ropes, sandbags and various strength and conditioning programs.

My favorite three words - Why Not Now!