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1. Pick a date and time from our schedule

2. Give us a call or send us an email that you would like to try a FREE workout.

– Give us 100% of your attention and effort

– Each day’s workout is unique!

– Classes are capped to small groups to allow for personalized attention.

– Class length is one hour



– Month by Month – $125

– 3 Months -$325 (save $50)

– 6 months – $650 (Save $100)

– 1 year – $1300 (save $200)

What exactly are you buying? by joining our community, you are signing up for a tested and proven program since 2008 built on cutting edge programming.  All of our group classes are lead by a top notch coach who uses proper technique and practices what he/she preaches.  Classes are capped at 15 participants to ensure proper attention to detail in every class. you can rest assure that you will be supported and pushed to reach your goals.

Results! We are committed to your success.  in fact we live for it! It’s what drives us to do what we do and look forward to seeing everyone reach their goals.  

No Contracts! Our options are a membership. If you want to work out with us on a regular basis, these memberships are here to save you money. Give us a 30 days heads-up, and your membership stops. Simple as that.


Please complete the attached waiver and bring it with you on your first day.

[   Waiver of liability.  ]