ROD 110909


Monday, 09Nov09

Strongman Monday


40 sec work / 20 sec rest: 5 rounds with 1 min rest in between rounds


  • Barbell Push Press – 95lbs
  • Pull-ups
  • Pushups on Stab ball
  • KB Front Squats 24k
  • Sledge hammer – tire alternating swing chops
  • Kness to elbows on rings


Maxwell’s Silver Hammer: the perfect balance to the kettlebell Swing.

Everything in life has its counterpart: Lancelot had Guinevere; Hiawatha had Minehaha; Tristan had Isolde; to has fro; back has forth; up has down and Tweedledee has Tweedledum! You get my point: there’s a perfect balance for everything.       Continue reading…

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