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Sunday, 14Feb10

R-E-S-T Day

Happy Valentines Day

Monday is President’s Day so if your off from work and want to workout earlier, you can attend the 11:00 am class.

I want to give a shout out to my collegue George D. the Trainer. Come and visit us sometime George and have an INTENSE Time.

Nxt Level Football   

Football practice, on the Island, usually starts in July-August. This is a time where coaches from our local High Schools get their players together and start lifting weights and practicing on the field for the football season. These athletes will enter the weight room of their respective schools and then released into the world of free weight training.  If you’ve ever entered one of these weight rooms you will find that 9 times out of 10 these young athletes are performing these exercises in poor form and improper progression levels. There are those within these rooms who use the weights to compete who can press or lift more, again in poor form and under unsupervised guidance. No, I’m not saying that the Coaches are ignoring the performance of their athletes. What I am saying is with the ratio of athletes at 26 to 1 coach it becomes essentially a free for all. High School coaches do the best they can with the budget they are given.

Poor practice makes poor movement, Perfect practice makes perfect. Why is this an important concept?  Because it directly applies to lifting a heavy (for you) weight.

The act of lifting a weight (i.e., performing a resistance training exercise) is a skill.  And just like a difficult passage in an a Mozart piece, performing a resistance training exercise poorly by jerking or heaving the weight (vs lifting it strongly and smoothly), whipping your body around (vs holding yourself stable), or involving every single muscle in your body (in the wrong way) is not only is a poor showing for that particular exercise bout, but sets the stage for imperfect practice later on as well. The moral: Treat every rep (yes, every rep) as an opportunity to deliver perfect form.  Will your form be perfect?  No – especially if you’re new to strength training or you’re on your last reps – but that’s not the point.  Your attempts at maintaining perfect form – that’s the point. Incidentally, this also means that the last rep you can do in good form is the last rep you should do.  Yes, you should sometimes push the envelope – flip the switch, so to speak – but be sure you’ve learned good technique first.

At  Nxt Level Football our program delivers a fitness that is, by design high intensity, which pairs cardiorespiratory training with strength movements. Our program utilizes all of the natural primal movements that our youths use naturally, such as pushing, pulling, running, throwing, climbimg, lifting and jumping, effectively and safely. Athletics is a specialized pursuit.  Our goal is to support the generalist but improves upon all specialties. Nxt Level Football specializes in making the athlete more athletic,  faster, stronger, more agile and explosive.

Our program will begin in April, thats a four month head start. Participants in our program are more confident and prepared to approach their High School weight room with the knowledge and abilities learned at Nxt Level Football. They will lift better, and more importantly perform at an Elite Level at game days in High School Division ball and become an essential part of the team. For more information come by and visit our facility and see what we have to offer,  at 85 Industrial Loop just off of Arthur Kill Road, Staten Island.

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