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Sunday, 10Oct10


rESt Day

My Day yesterday ~ Coach D

Saturdays workout was interesting. It was the first workout that I participated in ever in a class setting, as a trainer I usually conduct the class. The workout in of itself was short but intense. Had I’ve known I was going to participate, I probably would have programmed an easier ROD. As we started the warm-up I suddenly realized that I was not in the shape I use to be in. I pushed my way through and it really wasn’t bad. The med ball warm-up was quick and painless. Then came the stability balls hip raises. Thats when I started to struggle and worry as the hamstrings were starting to roar a bit. I kept remembering how I yell at the members when their hips didn’t come up high enough, I thought to myself that my hips are not getting high enough, and when I did get them high enough they were screaming. It wasn’t till I was faced with the workout,  see Saturday’s ROD, that I started feeling the old adeneline rush. The first 2 rounds was not so bad. It was when those 30 push-ups kicked in was when I started to lose feeling in my arms & getting rattled. When I finished the ROD, my time was 14:40 as opposed to the best time at 12:20. Not to shabby. It made me realize how much I miss working out and how much work capacity it takes to reach the end of the ROD.

I have to say thanks to all of you who pushed me Vinnie, Antonella, Chris and Juan. I felt like shit during the ROD and I wanted to quit many times, but because of part embarrassment and part quitting,  I’m no quitter, those were my motivators to complete the ROD. I thought for sure the rest of my day would reflect the effort I spewed from my body. Not so… I haven’t felt this good in a long time and I wanted to eat good and not ruin the effects of the workout. I’m glad you guys pushed me. I promise to continue this rare trend as I do want to commit to enhancing my personal health.  Working out does pay off. The following are my new 10 reasons of  Why I’m Working Out…

1. I workout because I enjoy it.
2. The more I workout, I know it makes for better sex. I mean, much MUCH better sex.
3. I workout because I want to be around to see grandchildren someday and also want to see 100.
4. I workout because I am participating in the Kettlebell Sport and must maintain my skill level always.
5. I workout and lead a healthy lifestyle because it sets a good example for my clients and family.
6. I workout because I believe my body is my temple and my vehicle. Its the only one I have so I MUST take care of it.
7. I workout because I believe that it prevents me from getting sick.
8. I workout because I know I’ll look darn good in designer clothes.
9. I workout because I know I’ll look darn good in no clothes.
10. I’ll lead a healthy lifestyle because it compliments those ridiculously hard workouts.
Here are some pics of our members.
  Chris & Dave Playing kick the ball
  Pauline is feeling pumped
   Feeling the pain for Chris & Vinnie
   Now which was it I was suppose to catch with?

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