ROD 011211


Wednesday, 12Jan11

All classes have been canceled today due to the weather.



Snow Day…      

Another snow day is upon us. So far the 5:30am & the 10:00 am class has been cancelled, as for the 6:30pm athletes class and the evening class they will probably be suspended as well. Enjoy your snow day.

Instead of sitting around the house eating temptuous foods such as… potato chips, Entenmann’s crumb cake or maybe even some General Tso’s chicken. Break out the fruits and vegetables and do the NLP 30 day Challenge. What’s wrong with you. Shame on you for thinking you could get away with eating all that crap and just lying around doing nothing. How do you expect to look in a bikini and you guys, how do you expect to be shirtless ready for the summer. “Do what others won’t do, so you can have what others don’t”, and that is to have a freakin 6 pack of abs. Which of these  equations do you want to be… 

A)     +    = 


B)     +    =

Hmmmmm… let’s see  A…B? You know which one you wanna be. So don’t be a lazy lima bean just because it’s snowing outside. Get off the couch and do the challenge, eat nutritiously. Avoid foods high in fats and stay away from processed simple carbohydrates. Remember, eat to support muscle. After all spring is just around the corner.

Here’s a reminder of the 30 Day Challenge… 10 exercises at 50 reps each –  pushups, squats, squat jumps, russian twists, hip extensions, v-ups, mtn climbers, alternating lunge jumps, plank twists and chair dips. E-mail us a pic of how your keeping track of your “30 Day Challenge Stats” so we can post it. We want you to encourage others to join in. We want to see you get the results you deserve.