ROD 020611


Sunday, 06Feb11


Rest Day



Congrats to us on our 500th Post!!!!

Could you believe it. Big thanks go out to our members, readers, followers, commenters, and to all those who link to Nxt Level’s blog. As far as we are concerned we are proud of the job we have done, getting out the best in exercise and fitness information. Looking back over the last year and half of posts, I am thankful for every comment, every connection made, and every person helped. Thanks for reading. As far as comments are concerned your feedback is of paramount importance to us, so please start posting more comments and if you are already posting please continue supporting us.  We appreciate anything you have to offer. So from all of us at Nxt Level Performance, Juan, Chris,Tom and Donald, we want to thank all of you for your continued support at our facility.

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