ROD 040311


Sunday, 03Apr11


Rest Day


The Road to the High Rock Challenge

Well we killed it at the High Rock Park yesterday. We took Nxt Level Performance on the road.  It was a classic killa routine in an open setting. We had 13 members and 2 newbies. What a shock it was to the new people but you know what! They blew it out like the rest of us. Cudos to them. What was forcasted in the beginning of the week as a cold and rainy day, changed to a bright sunny, crisp day. It was Perfect!!! Thanks to Maria and Deanna, our on the spot photographers, they captured all of the action as you can see below. Again we want to thank the High Rock employee, Paul, for helping us get ready for the high intense action. Oh yea, Matt, nxt week we expect to see ya!!!!

“The Trainers”


“The Participants”


  The Pre-ROD hill run

 Here comes the wa-wa-wa-water boy!    The “Stage”

  The dreaded bench crawl    Killa

  the couple that trains together…   awesome!!

  Our young athletes jumped on the killa routine.

INTENSITY, thats what we’re all about.




And now for the finisher…. The Uphill Killa Tire Flip.





and the fun we had… 

But all in all we felt like friends having a good timeThanks All !!!  Till Nxt week

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