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Saturday, 28May11


Satisfactory Saturday

Try this on for size at home with minimal equipment. Trust me on this, we will never let you down.

20 rounds for time:

  • 40 Beer can thrusters
  • 30 Chocolate fountain climbers
  • 20 Bubba burpees
  • 10 Sit-out salads

Enjoy whatever you have planned. Recovery and regeneration of the body is as important as the exercise alone. Relax, sit back and allow the pleasure to physiologically and psyhologically reach within you.  


The Healthy BBQ

Fat tastes great, but man oh man is that juicy rack of ribs artery-clogging. Is a rack of ribs really worth the two hours of cardio you just did? Well, like the majority of the human race, you probably love to eat but hate to exercise. If that’s the case, then you may want to take a look at these healthy barbecue alternatives. With summer coming to an end, I encourage you to try the many nutrition tips at You can get a head start on looking and feeling good


Let’s start with vegetables. They are in full swing and there is such an assortment to choose from. For maximum vitamin benefits, try to prepare a dish that has every color of the rainbow in it. Let’s face it: a cooked vegetable is a cooked vegetable. They all taste pretty much the same anyway so why not move away from your everyday varieties and impress the hell out of everybody with your daring vegetable techniques:

Cut vegetables up into strips and chunks, marinate with spices such as garlic, onion, chives, and pepper. Try to stay away from salt as much as possible!

cooking instructions

Spray grill or foil with a little Pam or lightly coat them with oil if desired.

If you choose to put the vegetables in foil don’t close it, as this will cause the veggies to steam instead of grill. Grilled veggies retain more vitamins than steamed ones, and those vitamins will definitely help you with those hard workouts.

Grill vegetables for a few minutes. When you take them off, add extra seasoning and a touch of 100% extra virgin olive oil that has been cold pressed and has an expiry date(a sign of quality). This is the healthiest kind of oil and using it fulfills your daily fat intake. Remember that once oil is heated, it turns into bad fat.

main dish

For the main dish, think fish. Tuna is low in fat and packed with protein. You can dip the sides in sesame seeds for extra flavor and again, just a little pepper and oregano will compliment taste. Do not overcook the fish. In fact, try to keep it rare, this will make it juicier and we all know how we love our fish juicy!

Barbecuing goes hand in hand with high energy activity, so be sure to try out these easy nutrition tips.

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