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Memorial Day

Don’t forget the real meaning of Memorial Day

Memorial Day often blows by in a haze of sunscreen, grilled meats and crowded beaches. Yet the soldiers who fell in wars – the reason for our holiday – need our acknowledgement more than ever.

The celebration of Memorial Day began in 1868, as a way to heal the wounds of the Civil War. The San Francisco Veterans Memorial Project, a $2.5 million monument more than 80 years in the making, will pay tribute to the brave men and women who have fought for our country over the course of centuries.

The privately funded project will be in the Memorial Courtyard in San Francisco’s Civic Center neighborhood, between the Veterans Building and the Opera House. We encourage all locals to visit the three design proposals for the monument. They’ll be on display in the Veterans Building as of June 8.

But in a time of war, it’s equally important to remember the soldiers who are fighting for our country right now.

More than 2 million troops have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Deployed or at home, they face a tremendous number of challenges from inadequate mental health care to high rates of unemployment.

Perhaps one of the best ways to honor veterans is to offer assistance to those who are currently serving. Visit to find a reliable veterans organization this Memorial Day.

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