ROD 091811


Sunday, 18Sept11


Rest Day


The NLP Party

I just wanted to thank all of you that participated in our grand opening party, last night. I have to say, and I speak for Juan & Chris, that we had the best time ever. You see this party really sealed something for me personally. Not only am I blessed to train at the best gym on Staten Island, but we have the best community of members any gym can ask for. As I was drinking my Vodka & pineapple, I looked around and I saw not only beautiful bodies and the hardest working members you would want, but close friends. A lot of love was demonstrated and that counts more than anyone could ask. I can say that I truly am blessed to have such a community of fitness buffs who take their training to the next level, literally. Maria had set up the pictures of all the workouts in preperation for the Spartan Race and what you saw were the faces of people that put 110% of their physical effort into completing their ROD, no matter what it took. I am so proud of that. I am very lucky to have the opportunity to train all of you. So I say to those who took the time to spend some time with us at the party and those of you that couldn’t – Thank you with all our hearts and souls. We appreciate your continued support in our efforts to bring to you and Staten Island the best in fitness.  

Coach Donald 


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