ROD 100309


Saturday, 03Oct09

Bring out the Toys

5 Rounds of

40 seconds work/20 seconds rest

1:00 rest between rounds

  • Ropes, Tire Flips
  • Agility Ladder 
  • Kettlebell clean/squat 
  • Half Burpees 
  • Box jumps  

Here at NLP we give you only the best cutting edge training that you can’t get anywhere else on the Island.

Here is our Thursday night class in action…

tn_101_1699  Hamstrings in action   tn_101_1709  Thrusters

tn_101_1713  Punishing push-ups   tn_101_1702  Hail to the Coach

Theres no doubt we not only build functional strength but a community of  friends who workout together.

  Our Members can always brag to others… your workout is my warmup

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