ROD 101709


Saturday, 17Oct09

Kettlebell Strength

5 rounds of this kettlebell strength circuit

40 seconds work/20 seconds rest

Go heavy!!

  • Double kettlebell cleans
  • KB See Saw Press
  • Double kettlebell front squat
  • Kettlebell 1 arm row (every 7 switch)
  • V-situps

What is a Kettlebell Clean?

Cleans are the next exercise in our Kettlebell progression. With the clean, you get more of a skill based dynamic/ballistic movement. It also serves as a base for a number of other movements. The clean is similar to a swing but involves a tighter movement and more active recruitment of the muscles of the upper back.

Why You Should Do Kettlebell Cleans …

Because you need to develop the ability to explosively get a weight off the floor and safely get it into a “racked” position … in order to perform most kettlebell exercises.


  • Explosive power – cleans help you build it from the ground up
  • Safer Ballistic Exercise – instead of trying to learn the power clean with a barbell with more weight (potentially more dangerous) the lighter KB allows you to get in good ballistic/explosive training without having to learn perfect Barbell technique.
  • Tendon Strength – Cleans build “tendon strength” from “catching” the ballistic weight of the KB in your rack
  • Posterior Chain – Cleans build pulling power & posterior strength/explosiveness/endurance & if you’re like most athletes — you need all the posterior work you can get!