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Sunday, 15Nov09

R-E-S-T Day


Rest Delivers Better Fitness Program Results

Let’s face it, when it comes to an effective fitness program, and getting great results, most people simply miss the boat. It is unfortunate I say this, but results do the speaking.

Take a quick look around your gym. How many physiques actually change? How many people look confused as they stagger around the gym? How many people are simply wasting their time? The answer is a whole lot of people think they are on the best fitness program ever, but are really on extremely ineffective, inefficient exercise plan. The sad thing is they don’t even know it. It surely does not have to be this way.

One of the most important aspects of any workout program is intensity. Especially in strength training, intensity is mandatory for results. However, the new fitness program buzzword is rest. There is no such thing as overtraining, just under-resting.

The importance of rest between exercise bouts is becoming more, and more important. As a matter of fact, many workout program research studies are underway to shed more light on the importance of rest. It is the new hot topic.

Please remember, the fitness program provides the stimulus for a physiological adaptive response to occur. That response occurs not when we exercise, but when we are at rest. A good way to sabotage your results is to not allow your body the ability to fully recuperate prior to your next exercise bout.

So how much rest is needed in your fitness training program to elicit excellent results? It really depends upon the type of exercise, and the workout intensity. Aerobic, low intensity, training requires less rest between workout bouts. Higher intensity, shorter duration exercises such as strength training requires more muscle recuperative rest between workouts.

Exactly how much fitness workout program rest varies from individual to individual, and is largely dependent upon actual results. Only you can determine if you are getting optimal rest between fitness program sessions. Gone are the days of a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday training schedule.

How do you determine the optimal number of rest days in your fitness workout plan? Simple, you track. If you are seeing quantitative results by tracking performance, then your rest time is optimal. If your performance is decreasing, or remaining the same, then more rest between workouts is necessary in your workout plan.

So remember, in order to determine your optimal exercise program rest, you must track your workouts. It is that simple! If you are not tracking your exercise program sessions, then you are making a big mistake. How would you know if you are getting optimal rest between training sessions if you are not tracking?

Getting fantastic fitness workout program results is largely dependent upon the intensity of exercise, and optimal rest between sessions. Please do your fitness program results a favor, and start maximizing your time in the gym, and start getting the best results you possibly can in the least amount of time. Once you realize the importance of rest your workout results will begin to skyrocket.


                        Man on Hammock  Rest = Recovery, which is as important as a great workout.

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