ROD 010410


Monday, 04Jan10

Strongman Monday tn_strongman

Staten Strength

Go through this with your partner as fast as you can until completion

  • Kettlebell snatches 50 reps
  • Hindu push ups 50 reps
  • Parrtner Med Ball Shots 50 reps
  • Partner Reclines 50 reps
  • Partner Med Ball Sit-ups 50 reps

Here are the New York Panthers Girls Fast Pitch Softball Team at work!!!

tn_nxlwo1228 tn_nxlwo12282 tn_nxlwo12283

tn_nxlwo12284 tn_nxlwo12285 tn_nxlwo12286

tn_nxlwo12287 tn_nxlwo12288

These young ladies are serious athletes