ROD 030710


Sunday, 07Mar10


R-E-S-T Day

 Results of yesterday’s workout;  Insanity Saturday

  • Chris : 13:20
  • Juan : 13:55
  • Joe: 16:20
  • Pauline: 17:04
  • Tom: 18:26

These numbers in no way reflect who is better, but a PR (personal record). Our workouts and encouragement will make these numbers change so that future PR’s improve with continued participation in this program.

Here are a couple of interesting articles you should read.

Aspirin: A Blockbuster Therapy for Breast Cancer Survivors?by Dr. Bernadine Healy, US News and World Report.

It’s Exercise in Disguise – CrossFit Kids at the Arnold, by Josh Jarman, The Columbus Dispatch.

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