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Sunday, 14Mar10


R-E-S-T Day

     Stefansson and Andersen make paleo dieters look like vegans.
“Two Brave Men Who Ate Nothing But Meat For An Entire Year”
quite a fascinating article.


         How many people rely on Insulin medication instead of on their brain to solve their own health problems? Because no one else is going to do it for them.

Here’s a very simple article on Low Insulin Diet (aka Low Carb Diet, Atkins, Protein Power, Paleo etc) & why they work.


Here’s some shoes that are perfect/popular for high intensity training at Nxt Level: 
Asics Onitsuka Tiger & other flat Asics (Budokan, Shihan etc)
Flat New Balance, Adidas (like Samba) etc
Inov-8 (especially Flite 220, Flite 230)
Vibram Five Fingers 
and here’s some more obscure ones:
Evo Terra Plana (expensive, but look very cool!)
Feelmax (I wish they’d have the Niesa in white – I’d order in a heartbeat)

So in case you’re shopping for a pair of new kicks – make sure you don’t buy the heavy, cushioned sneaker, but rather a minimalist lightweight shoe perfect for high intensity training at Nxt Level!


The Barefoot Professor

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