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Sunday, 11Apr10

It’s R-E-S-T Day and how are you going to rest.      

     Let’s go over this science lesson together.

Weight Lifting and Post Exercise Muscle Recovery

By Dr. John M Berardi, Ph.D.

Did you ever wonder what’s really happening to your muscles during and after exercise? Sure, there’s no doubt that something’s going on down in those contractile fibers, something strong enough to make you walk like Frankenstein for a couple of days after your leg workout. But what exactly happens to make you unable to negotiate curbs and doorsteps? Well, since science can provide a little glimpse into the phenomenon of post-exercise muscle recovery, in this article I’ll address muscle recovery from a scientific perspective. Therefore whether you’re man, woman or child, you’ll be able to explain your pain.   Continue reading…

Watch this female Crossfitter bang out this workout…amazing

Nadia Shatila – Her 12:55 time on WOD – video [wmv] [mov]


   old school exercises but new to most

                                      traditional but effective


                                              But all are beneficial.


Underground Strength Coach Certification CourseLet’s congratulate Juan on his Underground Strength Certification. It took a lot of heart and determination to complete this cert.

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