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Sunday, 13Jun10

R-e-S-T Day


Build your weakness until they become your strengths. ~ Knute Rockne


Olympic Lifting at Nxt Level ~ Coach D

We are very excited at Nxt Level Performance. We will be offering, for those of you who want to learn, Olympic style lifting. We have ordered some Olympic Bars that should be arriving shortly.  These bars are regulation size and have specific markings on them. Now, a little on Olympic lifting.

Most athletes have no idea how to properly execute a respectable hang clean or power snatch. They think they do. You think they do. But they don’t. In fact, I’d be willing to bet 90% of all athletes on Staten Island that lift have been taught incorrectly or were never taught at all. These lifts are too important to be brushed off and ignored. They make an athlete explosive and powerful competitors.With all the time, effort and energy going into each and every practice, how can athletes be left alone to figure out complicated lifting technique on their own?

The High School weight room isn’t a place where coaches should get together to take a break from practice while athletes risk serious injury moving heavy weight around. Believe me I have witnessed this disaster, it is not the fault of the coaches, I mean you have only 2 coaches and 35-45 athletes in a room. And athletes need to know how to perform these lifts in order to develop explosive strength and power that carries over to the court, track or field. Teaching the clean, snatch, jerk and their variations is understandable when you break down each lift into its core movements. Mastering each movement is like learning how to tie a shoe. At first it’s difficult and you can’t figure out why everything keeps coming undone. But when you follow the steps that are shown to you by our staff of trainers and then practice them a few times in the exact same way, all of a sudden a light goes on and it becomes a piece of cake. Once you get it right, you remember the feeling and can repeat it with perfection over and over again. Have you forgotten how to tie your shoes since you first learned? Well this is no different! We’ll have your athletes performing perfect reps of each Olympic Lifts.

We have athletes in this program that have come to us with various postural problems and bad movement patterens. It’s not that they don’t know how to move, but they move poorly and inefficiently. That is why Olympic lifting is such a valuable tool to teach the  athlete young or old.

We also want to offer this Olympic lifting to our membership, so that they can benefit from learning these movements and gaining strength.

Watch this 9 year old take on this squat clean Olympic lift. If he can do it why not you!!!!

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