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ReSt Day


Our cutting edge system prepares our clients for success for 2011.

There’s a new (and better) way to warm up for exercise. It’s called movement preparation, or movement prep. At Nxt Level we utlize this system to prepare the client for the high intensity routine that follows. As opposed to a traditional warm-up, movement prep actually makes you stronger and helps yield long-term flexibility gains. You’ll actively elongate your muscles in a series of movements, which can improve balance, mobility and stability. Think of it as warming up with a purpose. Don’t worry: Your body will quickly condition itself to the exercises, and when you’re done, you’ll feel warmed up, rather than worn down. And you’ll be better prepared for whatever follows, whether it’s a workout, a game or just the normal actions of everyday life.

With the new year upon us we are constantly thriving for newer and better cutting edge exercises to enhance the performance of the client. In our routines, you’ll lift weights using “alternating sets,” in which you perform one exercise followed by another and alternate between moves. For instance, you might do a set of squats, rest briefly, and then do a set of rows. You can minimize your rest between sets with this approach because you use different groups of muscles to perform two distinct movements. With alternating sets, you maximize how much work you’re able to do in a given time period, a concept known as “work capacity.” Increasing the capacity of your training session increases the demand on your metabolic system so you burn more calories, lose fat, and spike your metabolism.

 Our mission is to ensure the optimal health and performance for our clients.  We will help educate, motivate and support our clients with positive reinforcement throughout their stay at Nxt Level.  We develop relationships with our clients and provide them with invaluable resources available to us.  We will assist our clients to obtain measureable and realistic goals and optimize their chance for a successful experience.  When you make the commitment to Nxt Level it becomes our responsibility to take care of your health,  fitness and overall performance.


The young clients of todays NLP are the SuperStars of tommorrow.

       The boys rock it!!

  You can’t ask for a better group of  female athletes

  They work hard now so they can play easier later

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