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Sunday, 30Jan11


rESt Day


The State of Our Athlete’s

Since late October we have been working with the young athletes. I must say as their Coach they have improved  a lot in their movements and their floor speed. Coach Juan, Coach Chris & I are very proud of them. The key to a positive team environment is in the coaching. There are many different schools of thought, each with their own ideas on how to train athletes in order to increase athletic performance. So how does one know which particular program will work for any given athlete? It comes when you can recognize the improvement in the performance of the youths involved in their training. You can see it in the New York Panthers Girls and Womens teams, you could see it in the Boy’s team. These boys and girls have given us their undivided attention and have entrusted us with the confidence in making their performance better.  It is hard work and dedication that improves a persons fitness. An athlete’s pride in their performance is what get them through the tough moments, it’s the positive reinforcement in the coaching and the dedication of the parents, thats what has made a difference in a lot of our youths attitudes.  “Practice does not make perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect”. Nxt Level Performance will continue to bring you the best in cutting edge training. ~ Coach D




We are proud of all of them.

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