ROD 021211


Saturday, 12Feb11


Saturday AMRAP!!!


  • Medball chops
  • MB Squat & push
  • MB Push-ups (both hands on ball)
  • MB Lunge series (foward-side-rear)
  • 15 Straight lying leg raises r/l
  • Crab Holds   
  • Quadraped fire hydrants/foward circles/straight leg abductions  (10 reps)
  • Quick steps In & Outs 
  • Bounding 
  • Length of gym wheel barrels

For 10 minutes…

  • 15 Push-ups
  • 30 DB Snatches
  • 45 KB Swings

Rest for 2 minutes then 10 minutes of…

  • 14 Speed squats
  • 14 Alternating split jumping lunges
  • 14 Alternating split jumps
  • 14 Squat jumps

***When performing alternating exercises, each leg gets a 1 rep count. When jumping, make sure you get plenty of air and land softly.



“Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.” ~ Coach D

We all have movements that get the best of us, KB cleans, squats, KB swings or whatever it may be.  When it comes up in the ROD we get automatically discouraged, when we really should take that as an opportunity to really push ourselves.  Like I said we all have them, however you need to take time to work on those movements.  This can be as simple as 10 minutes before or after class to spend some time on those movements.  In the past two weeks I have seen a few folks get really frustrated by some of our RODs, what I did not see is those same folks take time to actually PRACTICE them.  It may only take a few extra minutes each day to drastically improve your workouts!  So next time you start to get frustrated or before the workout begins you decide to scale those swings, take a mental note and spend some time putting in a little work, ask a coach for some pointers and you may just surprise yourself!

With that being said I have also witnessed a few of you really putting some extra work and it has really shown in the RODs.  Keep after it and you will keep seeing great gains.


We just wanted to post the NLP rules, these can help not only you, but also the gym.  These are here to help make Nxt Level the best we can be!


  • Be on time for every class, if you are late pay a 25 burpee penalty! No Exceptions!
  • When another class is in session do not enter the training floor. Be patient your time will come to train.
  • Sign In, if you are unable to sign in let the trainer know. Coming soon!!
  • Do all reps/rounds, you are only cheating yourself!
  • Full range of motion on all exercises, see above!
  • Don’t leave until after cool down or everybody has finished the ROD!


  • Place all equipment back where it belongs.  If you took it out you put it away!
  • Bring a Towel, some of you sweat like horses, please, when possible wipe down to be considerate of others.
  • When putting plates away do not drop them horizontally from any height, stack them on top of each other.
  • Do NOT stack plyo boxes inside of each other EVER!!!


How to Cook Your Vegetables

“How you cook your vegetables makes a big difference in their nutritional profiles.  For instance, if you want more fiber you should eat them raw, but sometimes cooking them can increase antioxidants and vitamin availability.  But, not just any cooking will do.  Different vegetables need different kinds of cooking.  A study in The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry and another study in The Journal of Food Science, reported in S’Obefit magazine, compared cooking methods for a variety of vegetables and determined the most effective methods for some of our favorite side dishes.  Here are the results:

Broccoli: Steaming or Griddling.  Steaming broccoli increases glucosinolates (a cancer-fighting compound).  Griddling your Broccoli increases free-radical killing antioxidants.  Don’t boil broccoli though or you’ll lose all those benefits (plus the fiber you would have had if you’d eaten it raw).

Artichoke: The best way to prepare an artichoke is to steam it.  Steaming increases antioxidants 15 times as much as in its raw form.

Carrots: Boil them or lightly fry them.  Boiling increases carotenoids and vitamin C in carrots and decreases polyphenols.  Frying retains polyphenols and caretenoids but significantly decreases vitamin C.

Zucchini: I like zucchini best when griddled so I’m happy to hear that that is the best way to cook it.  Both boiling and frying zucchini almost nullifies its antioxidant content.  Using a griddle doesn’t do harm.

Spinach: Griddle but don’t boil.  Boiling spinach takes away virtually all its nutritional benefit.  Griddling, on the other hand, increases its antioxidant profile.

So there you have it.  Eating your vegetables raw is usually a good thing and cooking them doesn’t necessarily destroy their nutrients.  In fact, cooking is sometimes the best way to get the most out of a vegetable.”