ROD 030511


Saturday, 05Mar11


A.M.R.A.P Saturday

A.M.R.A.P  I 10 Minutes

15 Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg
15 Wall Ball shots
15 Pushups


A.M.R.A.P  II 10 Minutes

10 DB Squat Cleans
10 Burpees
10 MB Toss w/russian twists  


Here are some of the ideas submitted by our graphic artist. Which one do you like?

    Please just vote in the comments for the one you think represents Nxt Level. This will also go on a  t-shirt. If you have your own idea and that idea is selected you can win a one year membership to Nxt Level. These are only rough sketches to give us an idea but will be finalized in more graphic detail. The staff at Nxt Level are partial to sketch (e). Your input can help in the final decision. Below are some of the slogans we are looking at for the t-shirts:

“Because your gym sucks”… “So, you think you’re fit?”…”Get fit. Even if it kills you.”…” Fitter, Stronger, Faster.”… “Where workouts finish you!”…”Pain Never Tasted so Good.”…”The Cure for the Common Workout”…”Workout to Exhaustion – Collapse in Better Shape”…”My Gym Can Beat Up Your Gym”…”Pain Does a Body Good”…”Tabata like there’s no tomorrow.”…“specialize in nothing. excel in everything”…“GO hard or go home”…”Blood is replaceable. Sweat is expected. Tears are optional.”…Popeye had spinach, I have Nxt Level.”…”Finding passion in fitness again.”… “Nxt Level Performance…real fitness, real people”…”Nxt Level…you’re fitness will never be the same again.” and finally “Finding passion in fitness again.”

Coach D is partial to, “Nxt Level…you’re fitness will never be the same again.” Whats yours?