ROD 032811


Monday, 28Mar11


Monday’s Metabolic Masher

5 Rounds of 40 seconds work/20 seconds rest

1 minute rest between rounds

  • Reclines 
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Sledgeham Tire Slams
  • Forward and rear MB lunges w/rotations 6r/6l (level I will stop in the middle, level II will follow through)
  • Kettlebell cleans 5r/5l 


Can we all get to this point in STRENGTH?


Emily’s Achyball Diary:

Nxt Months NLP Exercise is the “Snatch”

Emily’s Accelerated Weightloss Program

So the spewing continued throughout the week (including my 30th last Tuesday). And the aching and on a couple of days a fever so all in all it was a very shit week, particularly for training. I’m like a guy when I get sick (which means, ironically, that I turn into a whiny little girl).

The lack of eating (in addition to the spewing) resulted in a 3kg weightloss over the week. If you have a bit too much time on your hands and have consequently read all of my ramblings on here, you’ll know that I was debating whether or not to enter the Worlds in the under 60kg weight category this year. Last week has certainly pushed my decision in the direction of going for it because a week of not eating is about as close to hell as it gets for me and I don’t want all of that suffering to have been in vain.

I did, however, feel obliged to get some training in because (much to my regret) my last blog was a great big public denouncement of using excuses to get out of training. I have amazing timing.

I also felt obliged to do a minumum of 4 sessions, because I had said I need to train consistently 4-5 times a week in my initial to do list. So I squeezed my minimum 4 sessions out (and every one of them hurt like a bitch).

Tuesday 22nd March

My 30th birthday and I was generally in a foul mood. Aside from being sick someone had gone out of their way to annoy me and, being the birthday girl and therefore the centre of the frigging universe, I was particularly pissed off about this.

In the morning I did 6 mins 20kg snatches 14rpm still trying to work on my leg extension timing. It was sort of better but still overall pretty ordinary.

Later in the day I did 6 mins 20kg jerks 14rpm. I was so angry about everything that I was slamming my heels down as hard as I could (which turns out to be pretty hard, dickhead downstairs certainly would have known about it) and was fixating really quickly. That is until I got to about the 4 min mark and lost the plot because I’d barely eaten anything all day and everything went to shit.

Friday 25th March

The first day during the week where I’d managed to keep solid food down so, remembering my own advice (this isn’t something I’d ordinarily do, but again the public nature of my own advice left me with little option), I decided to just do a snatch set with the 16kg to work on technique. 6 mins, 16rpm. This set sucked balls, I had no energy.

Saturday 26th March

The Saturday morning training session. Couldn’t face 20kg jerks but pyschologically knew I needed to pick up the 20kg so did 20kg long cycle, 8 mins 10rpm. Felt ok. Later in the day did 16kg snatches 6 mins 16rpm.

Sunday 27th March

Still feeling shit, holding down food but eating was still making me nauseous. Couldn’t face any of the usual stuff again so did 2x12kg jerks 5 mins 8rpm and 16kg snatches 6 mins 16rpm.

Both sets I was trying to breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth, I usually do all my breathing through my mouth (my sinuses always seem to be a bit blocked) but this isn’t really optimal so I figured now while I’m lifting light is the time to start correcting it. Makes my nose burn like mad but overall seems to help me regulate my breathing better.

So, there you have it: I managed to drag my sorry arse through another week of training. Here’s hoping this week goes a bit better.