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Juan This was the before pic for this facility.        This is the after of same view.


Nice astroturf

 Nice Pullup system Huh?

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LMC nets 9-0 win in youth softball

Published: Friday, April 08, 2011, 12:03 PM
Glenn Nyback By Glenn Nyback
Carol Santo (4-5, double) and Christiana Papapietro (4-6, two doubles) backed the shutout pitching of Jackie Montanaro as LMC (Mid-Island) blanked the K&S Mets (Snug Harbor) 9-0 in an Interleague Senior division contest.

Shannon Damon’s complete-game, one-hitter lifted Staten Island Electrical Club (South Shore) past Great Kills II 8-0. Karissa Ferrugio had two hits and two RBI

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Well our Nxt Level trained girls did it again. Beating the pants off the opponents. Strength and power always gives you the competitive edge. Come get some at Nxt Level Performance!


How Women Benefit From Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell training started out as a ‘manly’ activity. “The Only Workout with Balls”, marketing boasted…

Marketing apart, kettlebells provided phenomenal results and it didn’t take long for housewives, celebrities, grandmas, female athletes and execs alike to start reaping the benefits of kettlebell training. 

How do women benefit from kettlebell training?

  • Fat Loss (kettlebells provide intense fat burning workouts)
  • Strong bones and joints (load-bearing workouts)
  • Strength without bulk
  • Endurance and stamina of marathon runners (without the running)
  • Muscle balance and function (promotes proper body mechanics)
  • Confidence to handle anything that life throws your way

Kettlebell Training and Fat Loss

How women benefit from kettlebell training

Kettlebells use whole body as a unit. One movement (swing, clean and press, snatch) engages many muscles (legs, core, upper body), as a results many calories are used up.

In short period of time it is possible to burn hundreds of calories. Kettlebell training can be time efficient, incredibly intense and effective (and fun) workout.

Strong Bones and Healthy Joints
All kettlebell exercises are load bearing and help bones regain and maintain strength.

Kettlebell exercises are gentle on joints as there is no impact. In fact, many women noticed joint health and range of motion greatly improving while participating in kettlebell training.

Strength Without Bulk – Toned and Dense Muscles
Kettlebell training allows for strength of Incredible Hulk without the incredible bulk. Yes, you can have strong lean body and look like a woman. Kettlebells can help.

I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in strength and endurance in female clients in as little as seven days!

Endurance and Stamina of Marathon Runners (without the running)

How women benefit from kettlebell training

High volume kettlebell workouts will build endurance and stamina.

Many women athletes chose kettlebells as their cross training tool of choice. It is easy on the joints (no impact) and incredibly effective and strengthening cardio-vascular system. Don’t have time for a run? Grab a kettlebell (your heart will thank you)!

Muscle Balance and Function
Kettlebells force body to work as one unit. As a result, weak links are revealed and fixed. Body regains proper muscle balance and improved functionality.

A beautiful example of strength and function acquired through kettlebell training is shown in the video below. Couple of my clients(both are women) showing their ability to climb up a swing set (a test that I often use to rate upper body strength and function). 

Confidence to Handle Anything Life Throws Your Way
Kettlebell training is functional.

It gets you ready for anything that life can throw your way.

Need to load/unload your trunk? Move furniture? Stand in airport for 5 hours (without your back ‘killing’ you)? With newly acquired muscle balance, strength, stamina and flexibility women around the world take charge, improve quality of life and live life to the fullest.

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