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Sunday, 24Apr11


REst Day


On behalf of the Nxt Level Team, we want to thank all of you who participated in the High Rock Challenge preparedness workouts. We had such a blast preparing and leading you through the fun challenges. We also want to give an extra shout out to Bad Ass Academy for their support and trust in our ability to bring the participants, safe and effective exercises in preparation for the High Rock Challenge. We also want to thank the staff at the Greenbelt Conservatory for their support as well.



Have you seen the New Logo for Nxt Level? Well here it is…

  We will have a set-up table and banner at the High Rock Challenge. If your not in the Challenge come out and cheer for our community. Oh yea, the T-Shirts will be available soon.


8 Tips To Eating Healthy This Easter

Just when you thought all the holidays were behind you — and no longer threatening your weight-loss — along comes Easter. Towering displays of marshmallow chicks and chocolate bunnies fill the stores, and you or your relatives may be planning a massive feast.

Here are 8 tips to survive this weekend

1- Watch that basket Focus on the meaning and the nonfood traditions of the holiday rather than the meals. I make one basket for the house so that all guests that visit can partake.

2- Don’t sit down to dinner on an empty stomach.- You’ll be more likely to overeat. Make sure that you do not starve yourself so that you can sit down and “enjoy” a good meal.

3- Be active –Go for a walk before church or coordinate a street-wide Easter egg hunt or parade. You would be amazed at all the local offerings. Get outside!

4- Rethink that Easter basket- Purchase nontraditional gifts (books, costume jewelry, gift certificates) are even more appreciated than the usual candy, consider making healthy meal substitutions. The toys are not as cheap when we were little and will last.

5- Shift your focus -Remind yourself that holidays are not about a whole season, a whole weekend or even a whole day. Think about what is actually on the menu you are planning. Is there anything that you can tweak. You might surprise yourself and your family with something new.

6- “Un”-Chocolate Eggs –Instead of buying lots of candy, buy plastic eggs and fill them with stickers, money or small toys. This has become a big hit in my household.

7- Spread the wealth –Don’t buy a big bag of candy. But if it ends up that you have one: Share, share, share! It will make you the most popular adult this holiday. Adults like to share in candy they only see once a year. I had a co-worker who collected peeps. Yes those marshmallow toothaches.

8- Change the sweets to natural sweets – Now is a good time to switch out candy for fruit that is in season. This year I will be usuing small cellophane packets of raisins and sunflower seeds in the basket.

Most of all have fun!  Enjoy the holiday with others and that alone  surpasses wanting to eat.

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