ROD 050111


Sunday 01May11


Post High Rock Rest Day

Yesterday I witnessed a great event. People from all walks of New York City competed in the High Rock Challenge. From the time I got to the event you could smell the competitiveness in the air. Everywhere you looked there were masses of stretching groups and some, the smart ones, were dynamically warming up. We set up table and eventually everyone from our little community started settling in and getting comfy. It was a good feeling knowing that we could compile a large number of competitors from our gym. As for Matt LeBow he looked as if he was ready to conduct the Philharmonic in Lincoln Center, orchestrating the final touchs before the big start. Announcing the Zumba warm up on the tennis courts, which was a smart decision,  as opposed to static stretching, before the start of the Challenge. His niece sang the Star Spangled Banner beautifully, where she was praised by the crowd  with a thunderous applause.  Everyone was so impressed with her performance. As the competitors started the race you could feel the pressure. And even as the day wore on, the festivities went continued and the day as a whole was a huge success. All of our members posted good times and we all had a wonderful day. We even traded secrets with Patrick Cabello c-owner of Frequency Elite. We want to thank Matt LeBow for putting on a great party. Wait till next year. Below are some of the pics.


 Matt n Tom are up shit’s creek without a paddle.

 Antonella n Cristina sign up for the kill.

  Eileen, there in the background, is ready to place first.

 Frank, don’t work so hard eh!!!

    Nxt Level’s very own Zumba instructor, Maria.

 Chris & Nancy