ROD 101611


Sunday, 16Oct11


Rest Day


A few words about the new class H.I.I.T…


H.I.I.T Xtreme is a class that will develop the movement mechanics and muscular efficiency of the participants. More specific, the Xtremist will learn the basics through intermediate levels of Oly (Olympic) Lifting & Kettlebell training. ROD’s will be performed with minimal modifications. It is not for the feint of heart. This class is developed for those who want to take their technical training to the Nxt Level. There will be no use of lifting gloves. Wrist bands and taping of the hands will be allowed.

There will be a cut off of participants after the Xtremist start progressing in their developmental stage. You see, it would not be fair if someone was to join the class new once the others have progressed to a higher level of technical efficiency. Basically, it would slow the class down.

If you would like to join the class in the future, you would have to take a mandatory personal training session to learn the basics of the class at an additional cost. So, get in on the ground floor and become an NLP Xtremist.  


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