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Happy New Year !!


Why New Year resolutions don’t work and what to do about it?

In 2011 we should be going in with a little bit modified approach. Instead of making a huge list on what your going to do or not, plan the habits that you will be implementing. It takes around 30 days to implement a habit, which means if you start tomorrow, next year you could be implementing 12 new habits, one habit at a time.

So why New Year resolutions don’t work? There are 3 main reasons what people do wrong when they are setting their new year resolution. Main reason number 1, you bite more than you can chew. People spread them out too much, they make it so next year they want to be good at EVERYTHING. If you are to follow your new year resolution, you would need to work all the time on achieving your goals alone in the entire of your next year, hence most of those types of resolutions fail miserably.

So if you spent entire of your year, losing pounds, quiting smoking and getting out of debts when will you have free time? Life is huge and long, so fix what’s broken one thing at the time and commit yourself to it, especially if you are new at committing yourself to your goals.

Reason number 2, they are to ambitious. People set high standards and set themselves highest goals possible and expect to achieve them in 365 days? Entire life is needed for excellence, I am not saying it’s not possible to lose 80 pounds in a year, or to quit smoking from the get go, it requires strong will and even stronger commitment to your goal, but setting high standards can lead you to bad feelings about yourself. And when you get depressed about failed goals, many people return to previous pattern of behaviour.

And lets get to the third and most important reason – people simply don’t care about what they’ve promised to themselves. Many people make resolutions just for the sake of it and because everyone else seems to be doing it, and they forget it after first new years eve hangover. I believe you don’t want to be this kind of people, simply because you are here and you take your improvement of your life seriously.

So how to fix your new years resolution? By keeping it as simple as possible. We should be managing new years resolutions for quite a while and each year I can set more goals, but if you are beginner, stick to only one and be committed to achieving it. Don’t think in actions, think in habits. Habits are the most awesome and the best way to remain on the right track. Don’t try to hard to do what you have planned, take your time and develop a habit, when this occurs results will come over time and achievement will come naturally by itself. We’ve grown up in the world were glorification of instant satisfaction of needs is encouraged. Forcing people into buying new products, our marketing culture thought us that, what they didn’t teach us is commitment to their goals.

For this year we encourage you to take on your resolution and think about it. When you gave it a good thought, think of how you can make a habit of it and how to implement it in your daily lives. Than we challenge you to make a commitment, by publicly announcing your new years resolution by telling all of your closest friends what you decided for next year, and ask them to hold you accountable for it! So instead of only issuing a task I am officially making my New Year Resolutions with you: “We are making a strong commitment to our members that we will give them the best in health and conditioning and to help them reach their wellness resolutions.

Happy New Year everyone and stick to your New Year resolutions!

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