ROD 022012


Monday, 20Feb12


Kettlebell vs You

One kettlebell 6 movements for 24 minutes. You decide how you want to work. Option 1 is, 30 seconds on each side or option 2, is 60 seconds of work on one side. This is for 4 rounds with a minute of rest in between. The clock will be set for 60 seconds, the instructor will call to switch at 30 seconds if you decide that option. Stay with the same side of the body if you go for the 60 sec option. GO heavy!! Set & pace yourself if you choose the 60 second option.

  • KB Single Arm Swings
  • KB Cleans
  • KB Push or Jerk Presses
  • KB Clean & Press or Press Jerk (from floor or long cycle)
  • KB Racked Squats
  • KB Single Arm Rows


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