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Why do we challenge ourselves?

by Coach Donald

I sometimes wonder the point of participating in any sort of challenge really is.

One of the most sensible explanations I’ve ever come across has been from Victor Frankl who explains how being an idealist and aiming for something really great helps you become who you CAN be.  To me, this is the true essence of any challenge. One of my favorite sayings is…

“If we take Man/Woman as he/she IS, we make them WORSE, but if we take Man/Woman as he/she SHOULD be, we make them capable of becoming what they CAN be”.

That my friends, is why we challenge ourselves; and I challenge you to come up with a better reason than that!

What is life without a challenge?  We need to continually push ourselves outside our comfort zone to grow and stay sharp.  It is easy to become lazy and complacent.  However, our brain and our body are a use it or lose it proposition.  Don’t waste your potential! We need to find ways to challenge ourselves with new activities and learning opportunities to live life to the fullest.  If you have something that makes you uneasy, then face it head on!  Push yourself outside your comfort zone and you will beat all your fears.  Don’t grow old gracefully!  Fight it every step of the way by seeking new ways to stretch yourself!  This is why we are attracted to fitness and races and continuing education. A perfect example is the High Rock Challenge. People are pulled towards an event like this because they know that they will be challenged and it’s a phenominom that will continue to grow bigger and better. People know that they will be put to a test. A test of their own limits and why? because humans have a tendancy to look for adventure outside of their everyday lives. Thats why they practice or take freee training that is offered to them. It is the difference between being competitive and being complacent with themselves.  

There are only 2 more weeks till the High Rock Challenge. But looking beyond that are the challenges of staying healthy and mentally sharp. Continuing to grow as an individual. That is what we at Next Level Performance are about. Taking those who want to improve in strength, flexibility and mobility or win a race or who just want to be healthy. We feed the challenges to you. Don’t be fearful of what you can’t do but what you will learn to become more fit and overcome those fears.

Don’t spend another day in your comfort zone!

There is no excuse for remaining in your present rut.  A new fitness challenge will energize you and give you the courage to continue to grow.  We only have one life to live and you do not want to waste another day.  Go stretch yourself outside your comfort zone and join Next Level today for a change that will last a lifetime!


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