ROD 081912


Sunday, 19Aug12


Rest Day



NLP Athletes Training Session registration for the fall will begin shortly. TBA

Strength & Power Endurance Training
 Our group workouts are run with 10-15 athletes at a time.  Every training session is led by a certified Strength Coach who practices what they preach.

Each session will start with a structured dynamic warm-up followed by skill specific instructions and coaching on the day’s movements. This will move on to an intense coached training regimen that is by design high intensity. Athletes will be introduced to Barbell Training, Olympic Lifting as well as proper use of the Kettlebell. These sessions will be in a hardcore, warehouse-type training. We only cater to serious high school, college athletes that are driven to reach their full athletic potential. We will make some exceptions. Our entire facility is dedicated to getting motivated athletes brutally strong, lightning fast and mentally tough. We will have a pre high school session which will teach the fundamentals of proper lifting and movement patterns. This will prepare the young athlete for the next level of performance enhancement.

Sessions are fast paced with a total body workout designed to engage the core and recruit numerous muscle groups, creating a high intensity cardiovascular based resistance routine.


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